Florida A&M University Presidential Special Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

The Presidential Special Scholarship program is a merit scholarship for high school graduates. These individuals are diverse and have special talents outside of the classroom setting. The scholarship will cover fees associated with tuition, minus the postal fee and the orientation fee or charges associated with room and board. Students are eligible to receive an award for a maximum of eight (8) semesters. A student must maintain enrollment in the degree program under which this award was made. Students may not change majors. A student must enroll in fifteen (15) credit hours per semester. Awards are not made during the summer term.

To be eligible for the Presidential Special Scholarship, applicants must: earn a standard U.S. high school diploma or its equivalency (unless the student completes a home education program or earns a high school diploma from a non-US high school while living with a parent who is on military or public service assignment away from the US); have a 1220 SAT score or an ACT score of 27 (must earn a 600 on the SAT math section or 27 on the ACT math subject area); have a 3.5 GPA; and be college-ready (no remediation or remedial courses). This is renewable upon completing 15 credits per semester and maintaining a 3.3 GPA.

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