James Beard Foundation Scholarships

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Scholarship Description

The James Beard Foundation Scholarship Program is a remarkable initiative designed to support students within the food community, ranging from aspiring culinary professionals to those already established in the field. The program aims to provide financial assistance to individuals pursuing further education at licensed or accredited culinary schools, hospitality institutions, colleges, or universities.


• The program is open to both aspiring and established culinary professionals. • Applicants must have plans to continue their education at a licensed or accredited culinary school, hospitality institution, college, or university. • International students may be eligible for certain scholarships and are encouraged to apply. • The scholarship program embraces a diverse range of subjects within the culinary and hospitality field.

Scholarship Details:

• The program was established in 1991 and has continually expanded in visibility and financial scope. • Recipients may be notified of their awards in August. • Criteria and award amounts may vary for each scholarship. • The Foundation, through this program, has awarded nearly $9 million in financial aid to over 2,000 recipients as of 2022.

Application Process:

• Applicants are encouraged to review individual criteria for each scholarship. • Winners will be notified in August. • The Foundation supports a wide range of subjects within the culinary and hospitality field.

The James Beard Foundation Scholarship Program stands as a testament to the commitment of fostering education and excellence within the food community. Aspiring and established culinary professionals are encouraged to explore the diverse scholarship opportunities offered by the Foundation to support their educational journey.

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