LERMI Supports Law Enforcment

April 1, 2025
Awards Available: 1

Scholarship Description

The LSLE is a Scholarship (High School and/or college) program that provides scholarships to current high school seniors or college students who have a parent presently serving in law enforcement, who are retired law enforcement, law enforcement who have fallen or civilian employees. To be considered for the LSLE Scholarship, candidates must complete the application and submit necessary documents. The full scholarship amount of $1,500.00 shall be paid directly to the institution and will be applied towards current applicant’s fees.

Scholarship Details

  • Award amount: $1,500.00
  • Payment made directly to the institution
  • Intended for fees of the current applicant

Eligibility Criteria

  • Parent currently serving in law enforcement, retired, fallen, or a civilian employee
  • High school seniors or college students pursuing education in criminal justice or related field
  • No restrictions based on sex, race, creed, or nationality

Application Process

  1. Complete the scholarship application
  2. Submit proof of admission/registration to classes
  3. Provide two letters of recommendation from non-relatives, on letterhead with original signatures
  4. Write a 1-2 page essay describing your ambitions in criminal justice, your reasons for choosing this career path, your long-term goals, and how the LSLE scholarship will assist you

Mail the completed application postmarked no later than April 1st. The LSLE Scholarship Committee will be announcing the winner May 1st.

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