New Beginnings Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

The New Beginnings Scholarship is a beacon of support for individuals aspiring to pursue careers in skilled trades or technical fields. Recognizing the demand and shortages in sectors such as electrical work, HVAC, construction, welding, plumbing, nursing, and EMT, this scholarship aims to empower individuals to embark on paths that contribute to essential industries.

Key Features:

• Career-Focused Support: The scholarship is tailored for those interested in skilled trades and technical careers, responding to the critical demand for skilled professionals in various industries.

• Multiple Opportunities: Each year, up to four New Beginnings Scholarships are made available, offering recipients valuable financial support for their educational journey.

• Generous Funding: With a financial value of up to $7,500 per scholarship, recipients gain substantial assistance that can be applied towards tuition, tools for their chosen trade, professional fees, or dues.

Eligibility Criteria:

To qualify for the New Beginnings Scholarship, applicants must express a genuine interest in pursuing careers in skilled trades or technical fields. These may include, but are not limited to, electrical work, HVAC, construction, welding, plumbing, nursing, and EMT.

Purpose of the Scholarship:

The scholarship's primary purpose is to address workforce shortages in key industries by supporting individuals who are committed to building their expertise in skilled trades. By providing financial assistance, the New Beginnings Scholarship aims to encourage more people to consider and pursue careers in these critical sectors.

Utilization of Funds:

Recipients have the flexibility to use the scholarship funds for various purposes, including covering tuition expenses, acquiring tools relevant to their trade, and meeting professional fees or dues. This versatility ensures that the financial support aligns with the unique needs of individuals on their career paths.


The New Beginnings Scholarship goes beyond traditional academic support, recognizing the significance of skilled trades and technical careers in driving essential industries. This scholarship stands as a testament to the value placed on individuals choosing to contribute their skills to professions that form the backbone of our communities. For those aspiring to embark on a journey in skilled trades, the New Beginnings Scholarship offers a tangible pathway to success. Scholarship Search