Peace First Prize

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Scholarship Description

The top ten (10) winners receive a $25,000, two-year fellowship which can be used to:

1. Contribute to the winner's education and professional development and/or 2. Support the winner's ongoing peacemaking work. Winners also participate in a two-year fellowship group of peacemaking leaders; leadership development program; mentoring and opportunities to actively engage in Peace First's mission and work through participation in national and local peace initiatives.

Requirements: citizens or legal residents of the United States who are between the ages of 8 and 22 years old, who have undertaken projects in the United States that are well underway, ongoing, or have already taken place.

Peacemaker projects should reflect prize criteria which include: evidence of compassion (understanding and caring about other people), courage (taking risks to help others), and collaborative change (working with others to improve schools and communities). Scholarship Search