Plains Anthropology Society Native American Student Award

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Scholarship Description

The Native American Student Award is a grant of up to $1000, intended to help defray the costs of tuition, books, room and board or other expenses for qualifying Native American student(s). One or more grants of up to $1000 each may be rewarded. The successful recipient(s) will also receive a one-year membership in the Plains Anthropological Society that includes a subscription to the peer-reviewed journal Plains Anthropologist. Separate grants are available to undergraduate and graduate students in Anthropology. Funds will be administered by the winning student's academic department

Applicants must be Native Americans who are full or part-time graduate or undergraduate students in anthropology or archaeology, taking specific coursework or research covering Great Plains anthropology or Native American Studies. Graduate nominees must be engaged in research that relates to some aspect of the Great Plains, but do not need to be attending a university located on the Great Plains. Scholarship Search