Rapid Formations Entrepreneur Scholarship Programme

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Scholarship Description

Rapid Formations provides professional and affordable UK company formation services to scores of budding and established business owners from across the globe. Our expert knowledge has enabled us to deliver relevant products and consistently high-quality customer service in this increasingly competitive market - so much so that we are now the #1 rated company formation specialists in the UK.

Scholarship Details

  • Up to 5 scholarships of $750 (£500) each
  • Supports undergraduate or postgraduate studies in the US or the UK
  • Funds may be used for any purpose related to the advancement of study

Eligibility Criteria

  • Open to individuals with an offer from or enrolled in a recognized higher learning institution in the UK or the US
  • Applicants should exhibit academic excellence and/or entrepreneurial potential

Application Process

  1. Visit our website to access the email address for submission
  2. If you have an offer, attach your acceptance letter; if currently studying, attach a recommendation letter
  3. Submit an 800-word essay outlining your entrepreneurial idea and financial need
  4. Send your email application by August 31st

Scholarships will be awarded based on the quality of your entrepreneurial idea, outlined in your 800-word essay, the reason(s) for your financial need, as outlined in your 800-word essay and the quality of your academic offer or letter of recommendation from an accredited UK or US learning institution

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