SACNAS Genome Scholars Program

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Scholarship Description

Genome Scholars will receive $25,000 for one year of support. Support will be provided for the first-year of graduate school in genomics/bioinformatics. In addition, SACNAS will support Genome Scholars to attend the 2007 SACNAS National Conference and one additional genomics/bioinformatics conference.


All applicants must meet the following requirements :

• Hold current SACNAS membership (or become a new SACNAS member) • Intend to or currently pursuing graduate education in Genomics (In genomics we include: ethical, legal, and/or social implications of genomic research; computational biology as it relates to genomics, bioengineering as it relates to genomics) • Be U.S. citizen or permenant resident of the U.S.

All applicants must meet one of the following criteria:

• Graduating senior or baccalaureate that has applied to or has been accepted to a graduate program leading to a degree with an emphasis in genomics • Currently enrolled in a graduate program with an emphasis in genomics • Completing an MS degree and applying to a Ph. D. program in a Genomic field Scholarship Search