Sharda Hindu Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

Numerous scholarships will be awarded in honor of Dr. Mehta, Ram Sachdev Ji, Anjali Pandaya, Asthana Family & Bansal Family. Completed application should include a 1000-word essay on specified topics which will be provided each year. Successful candidates will be awarded $2000 over 4 years of studies - $500 portions payable on successful completion of school year with minimum GPA of 2.75 (B-) on a 4.0 scale. Students will be sent a reminder on May 1st and will have until June 15th to submit transcripts. If a student does not qualify for continuation of scholarship the appropriated funds will be granted towards other charitable causes of VHPA. This is open to students who are either Hindu, Buddhist, Jain or Sikh, and homeschooled students can also apply.

Applications for scholarships must be submitted with all required documents, incomplete or missing documents from required list will result in disqualification. Applicants will be informed once applications are received and under review and once selection committee has made final decision applicants will be informed electronically, thus it is imperative that the email address is correct. VHPA or the selection committee will make all reasonable efforts to keep the students informed during and at the completion of the selection process. Decision of the selection committee will be final and cannot be challenged. Scholarship Search