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SVCF Marie A. Calderilla Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

The Marie A. Calderilla Scholarship was created to enable women to pursue courses of study that they would otherwise be unable to follow due to limited financial means. The selection committee looks for academic promise, women who have demonstrated a commitment to completing a degree or certificate program or to increasing their work skills, and personal characteristics such as honesty, good judgment and perseverance. Recipients are eligible for up to three years of funding; however, students must meet renewal requirements to continue to receive the award. Students enrolled in a four-year degree program at a San Mateo County Community College District college are eligible for up to four years of funding.

Applicants must be/have: Female student, pursuing first undergraduate degree or certificate program; Graduating high school senior or re-entry student planning to attend a college in the San Mateo -County Community College District (Cañada College, College of San Mateo and Skyline Community College); Current community college students who other meet all criteria listed are also eligible to apply; Demonstrated financial hardship; and be serious about improving her life through education. Scholarship Search