Team Tori Foundation

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Scholarship Description


The Team Tori Foundation Scholarship was set up in honor of 2006 OTHS Graduate Victoria (Tori) Anne Riley. The foundations mission is to help colon cancer fighters, educate our youth about colon cancer, and give a scholarship annually. Tori was a loving daughter, sister, family member, friend and incredible person. She was just 24 years old when diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. She showed incredible courage and in turn was shown an enormous amount of compassion by the community. She was a warrior who impacted a lot of people the 26 years she lived. Tori Loved high school and her peers. The Foundation had to find a way to give back by honoring Tori so that her legacy will live on.


1. A. Write a story about how you have been touched by colon cancer in some way. This is a heartfelt story that will tell us about how colon cancer has impacted you. This can be a family member, stranger, friend, or co-worker. B. Write a heartfelt story about how much passion you have for the medical profession and what you will be doing to pursue a career in this field and why. 2. College acceptance or enrollment letter provided with application. 3. O’Fallon Township High School graduating Senior in O'Fallon IL. 4. Must be willing to sign a photo release form. 5. Provide 3 references. Scholarship Search