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The Liminal Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

This scholarship offers an opportunity for students aged 18 or older, enrolled in a U.S. undergraduate program for the coming academic year, to showcase their literary analysis skills.

Scholarship Details

  • Open to students 18 or older in U.S. undergraduate programs
  • Essay on liminality in "The Ferryman and His Brother" from S. K. Kruse’s "Tales From the Liminal"
  • Essay length: 700-1,000 words
  • Submission deadline: the last day of February by 11:59 pm CST

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be 18 or older and enrolled in an undergraduate program at an accredited college or university in the U.S. for the coming academic year
  • Scholarship winner must send proof of enrollment prior to receiving funds
  • Friends and relatives of publisher, author, and judge are ineligible to apply

Application Process

  1. Submit an essay of 700-1,000 words on liminality in "The Ferryman and His Brother"
  2. Download the story (No purchase required)
  3. Fill out and submit the online application form along with the essay by 11:59 pm CST, February 29th
  4. Follow specified guidelines for essay formatting

Encouragement to Apply: Dive into the exploration of liminality in "The Ferryman and His Brother" by submitting your essay. Ensure your application adheres to the guidelines for eligibility and formatting. Don't miss this opportunity to express your literary insights. The scholarship winner will be notified in May. Scholarship Search