Visas For Future Annual Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

The Visas for Future Annual Scholarship program promotes environmental sustainability and education. We assist students globally in their academic pursuits while supporting future environmentalists.

Scholarship Details

  • Annual scholarship award: $1,000
  • Environmental commitment: One tree planted for each visa sold
  • Countries served: Dominican Republic, Aruba, Australia, Canada, Colombia, United States, Mexico, India

Eligibility Criteria

  • GPA requirement: Minimum 2.5 or equivalent in your country's grading system
  • Applicant status: Must be a current student at the time of application and when the scholarship is awarded

Application Process

  1. Submit a copy of your unofficial transcript, including your GPA.
  2. Craft a 500-word Application Story and save it in PDF format.
  3. Email your application story via email with the title of the email being "Visas for Future Annual Scholarship Application".

Visas for Future is a company that specializes in obtaining visas for various nations, such as the Dominican Republic, Aruba, Australia, Canada, Colombia, the United States, Mexico, and India. We align our mission with sustainability and education by planting a tree for each visa sold as part of our commitment to environmental responsibility. Scholarship Search