Niche College Scholarship

Voice Talent Online Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

The annual Scholarship Competition offers academically outstanding students a chance to win one of three monetary prizes, totaling $3,000. This scholarship aims to alleviate some study-related expenses such as books, rent, and transport. Open to university and college students worldwide, our scholarship has attracted applicants from Brazil, Canada, Nigeria, and The Philippines, among others.

Scholarship Details

  • Total prize money of $3,000, divided into three awards
  • Open to students enrolled in universities or colleges globally
  • Focuses on supporting study-related expenses

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be currently enrolled in a university or college
  • Open to students from any country

Application Process

  1. Choose a theme from the provided list: “Top Five Tips for Voice Overs,” “Voice Talent in Video Gaming: Golden Age or Obsolete?” or “Auto-Captions in Video Translations: Helpful or Hurtful?”
  2. Create a piece of work that responds to the chosen theme, focusing on quality writing
  3. Submit your entry, adhering to the theme but with the flexibility to adapt the suggested titles

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