William J. Schulz Memorial Essay Contest

June 1, 2025
Awards Available: 10

Scholarship Description

The William J. Schulz Memorial Essay Contest for College-Bound High School Seniors is open to seniors who will be attending a North American college or university in the fall. Winners will be announced in July. Applicants must write a personal statement about why you trust science over faith, and why you think society should do the same. Please include an example of how religious faith has obstructed science or analyze a historic or current issue related to religion vs. science, such as with the pandemic, stem-cell research, climate change, medical (and psychiatric) science, etc. (Note: We are not looking for an opinion or theory about the origin of religion or why religion exists.)

Scholarship Details

  • Open to college-bound high school seniors attending North American colleges or universities
  • Winners announced in July

Eligibility Criteria

  • Available to high school seniors enrolling in a North American college or university for the upcoming fall
  • Applicants should submit a personal statement discussing trust in science over faith and the societal importance of this perspective
  • Include an example of how religious faith has obstructed scientific advancements or analyze a relevant issue
  • Applicants must adhere to word limit and deadline

Application Process

  1. Compose your personal statement addressing the provided topic.
  2. Submit your essay through the online application.
  3. Carefully review all contest rules and instructions.
  4. Winners may be required to provide proof of student enrollment.

Winners may be asked to send verification of student enrollment. Students will be disqualified if they do not follow instructions, including word limit and deadline. Students are required to submit their essay via the online application, and should carefully review all contest rules. FFRF monitors for plagiarism. This is also open to students who took a gap year or semester off, and if you are a person of color, you may enter this contest or a different scholarship.

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