WNF&GA Scholarship

May 15, 2025
Awards Available: 1

Scholarship Description

One scholarship will be awarded annually to a post-baccalaureate, full-time graduate student who is studying, or will study, at an accredited institution in the United States, and who wishes to pursue a career in conservation and natural resource management or related fields of study.

Scholarship Details

  • Awarded annually to a full-time post-baccalaureate graduate student
  • Focuses on students pursuing careers in conservation, natural resource management, or related fields
  • Recipient is required to submit a report detailing their work at the end of each semester

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a post-baccalaureate, full-time graduate student
  • Studying at an accredited institution in the United States
  • Strong commitment to the environment and natural resource management
  • Evidenced by achievements and involvement in work-related, volunteer, or community activities

Application Process

  1. Verify your eligibility based on academic status, field of study, and commitment to conservation
  2. Prepare a detailed application showcasing your achievements, involvement in conservation activities, and career aspirations in natural resource management
  3. Submit your application along with any required supporting documents
  4. Upon receipt of the scholarship, commit to submitting a semester-end report detailing your progress and contributions to conservation efforts

Preference will be given to a candidate with a strong commitment to the environment and to the management and preservation of natural resources as evidenced through the candidate’s achievements and work-related, volunteer or other community activities.

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