Niche College Scholarship

Workamajig Generative AI + Human Design Scholarship

October 31, 2024
Awards Available: 1

Scholarship Description

The Workamajig Generative AI + Human Design Scholarship Contest is challenging applicants to demonstrate their creative vision and skills in tandem with Generative AI design technology.

1. Complete one of these design projects using human design skills alongside Generative AI.

A. Apply your creative excellence to create an overview video that will be used to promote this contest in the future B. Create a stunning visual portrait of a college student at graduation. C. Visually depict the revolutionary new technology in picture or video

2. Write a 500-word essay (not using Generative AI) to describe why it is better for companies to use human graphic designers + Generative AI, instead of only using Generative AI design tech, or only using traditional graphic designers without incorporating Generative AI.

Depending on the desired learning path of the scholarship winner, all or part of the education required to start or elevate a career in design could be provided for by the Workamajig scholarship.

Eligibility Requirements: Must be 14 years old or older; U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident; Proof of education enrollment (including graphic design certification programs, courses, and vocational schools in addition to four-year institutions) Scholarship Search