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$1,000 for Three Sentences? Scholarship of the Week!

$1,000 for Three Sentences? Scholarship of the Week!
Alexis Mattera

Writing three sentences and banking $1,000 to put toward college may seem like a dream but it is indeed a reality with the Three Sentence Essay from Zinch. Though many essay scholarships have word count requirements in the hundreds or thousands, Zinch caps theirs at 280 characters – the equivalent of two Twitter postings – and requires applicants to respond to a prompt that changes on a weekly basis.

All high school and college students (including international students) are eligible to participate so go ahead and check out the prompt, think about it some and submit a concise yet thoughtful answer worthy of $1,000 by midnight tonight. And remember, has thousands more scholarships to choose from…all you have to do is fill out a profile and launch a scholarship search today!

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Joy M 10/2/2017
If you apply this scholarship ..Your dark days will be bright daylight...You will smile even if you lost hope in life..If you think loves you you will know your given the best love.
Faith S. 7/13/2016
I would compete in gymnastics, which is graceful and serene, like a willow tree blowing in the wind. I would flip through the air like a lemur flipping through the trees. I could control my body like the government controls the people.
Mariah Owens 11/16/2015
I love fast and easy scholarships! If young adults take time out of their day to sign up and register for scholarships, trust me , we, as young people, are eligible to receive money for our education. Consistency is key!
Inshaal R 9/4/2015
Many students will benefit on this unique subject because it is extremely beneficial to everyone A 10/20/2010
Hi Elfreda. Any student born in 1920 or after can register with For this particular scholarship, you will need to contact Thanks for your comment! The Team
Elfreda D 10/19/2010
You all do not have the year beyond 1960. I was 1958. It is not fair for those of us who wan and need they money and older people.
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