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80 Percent of College Students Drink

80 Percent of College Students Drink
Chris Bernardi

The disease of addiction has ravaged college campuses, evident by the fact that 80 percent of college students drink alcohol, 40 percent binge drink. College students make up one of the largest groups of drug abusers nationwide. Young adolescent’s ages 18-24 already have an increased risk of addiction- those enrolled in a full-time college program are twice as likely to abuse drugs and alcohol.

Several factors play into substance abuse at the collegiate level. With the high demands of coursework, part-time jobs, internships, and social obligations, many students turn to drugs to cope with stress. A heavy course load has more students than ever taking stimulants, such as Adderall, to help them stay awake long enough to study or complete assignments by their due date. In a time where one is exploring many new aspects of life in personal and professional realms, college students are curious to self-explore and dip into drug experimentation.

But what drugs are being abused? The four most common substances that are consistently abused among college students are alcohol, Adderall, marijuana, and ecstasy. Because drinking is socially acceptable, the vast majority of substance abuse on college campuses spurs from the use of alcohol. In college, drinking often goes hand-in-hand with house parties, sporting events and student get-togethers. Since the use of alcohol on college campuses is widespread and often condoned, college students drink more frequently than their peers who aren’t in college. What students fail to realize is that excessive drinking is not only a major health concern in the long-term, but can lead to immediate tragedies such as assault, injury, arrest and even death.

Adderall, dubbed the “study drug” and other stimulants are increasing in popularity as students face the pressure to meet their study requirements. As we continue to see a shift in the leniency for marijuana legalization, more students have turned to pot as their drug of choice. On some campuses, marijuana use outweighs that of alcohol. Ecstasy, the “party drug” most common at raves and concerts, has made it’s resurgence in recent years in its pure form of MDMA or molly.

Other factors, such as being in a fraternity or sorority also contribute to increased drug abuse rates. College students as a group are similarly considered high-risk for developing eating disorders.

Do you feel like stress, work load and curiosity are valid excuses for college students to use drugs? Does knowing these statistics/facts change your perspective on going to college, or ideas on drinking/drugging at college?

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Tyanna W 8/31/2015
All my life I've been around drinking and even now I have friends who drink. Sometimes they'll try to persuade me and say things like " Just take a sip," and when I decline they call me wimp and say I'm no fun. But in all honesty, I don't feel like a wimp, Especially when I am the only one whose sober and I have to drive home. I don't feel like a loser when I pass a police officer and I don't feel scared because I have booze on my breath. In fact, I feel very responsible and proud because I know I'm making the right choices. Too many time people try to fit in or have fun when alcohol is in the mix of things. But you don't have to drink to have a good time. Also you don't have to drink to make you feel better either. If your under 18 you have to have enough courage to wait till' your 21. If your 21, be responsible with your body so that you don't hurt yourself and others. It all boils down to being responsible and respectful to yourself and others and people owe themselves that much.
Bransen J 8/26/2015
You don't have to go into drugs! It may be hard to see the alternatives of fun, curiosity, friendship, and [temporary] happiness. There is I promise you, there is. I never smoke, drank, or have done drugs, and i don't want to. You might say now that I don't understand. It would be true, and i don't want to understand. I have seen too many sad cases where drinking and drug use have destroyed the life many individuals. I love my family, and my friend. I don't want to hurt them in any way. I know there is a better life. I strive to be the happiest i can be. I found that service and reaching out bring happiness, and having faith and trust in God, and Jesus Christ. They are the source of happiness, true and enduring happiness. I don't if you be religious. I suggest you try . It may... it will be the best choice, not a easy choice but the best. Love you I hope and invite you to consider your ways.
Kaitlyn R. 8/26/2015
Alcohol like fire, whether big or small needs to be watched, it must be treated with respect because if you don't you can get hurt. Being a adult doesn't mean you will no longer be 'burned'. My best advice keep at lest one sober friend around to drive you home and watch your drinks for you.
Ted D 8/8/2015
Using substances such as alchohol or any other illegal substance are really a waste of time any money. A lot of my classmates will spend their time partying and many times it will cost them their grades. There are many other ways to deal with stress. You do not deserve to be going to college if that is how you choose to spend your free time. There are many students who do not use these substances, that would be lucky to recieve the scholarships and the aid of students that do partcipate in using these illegal substances. I have no respect for the students that will waste their free time drinking and getting high. The cons far outweigh the pros. There are many health implications that come from drinking and other illegal drugs. Most of the younger students are negatively influenced by these drugs and will abuse them when given the chance. There is nothing wrong with social drinking IF it is age appropriate, and does not negatively impact your life. Illegal drugs have no place in school.
Rafael A. 8/6/2015
Drinking and drug use is all dependent on the person. I personally don't do any of that stuff because I don't deem it necessary. I grew up with an alcoholic father who also abused drugs so I know first hand what it can do to you. I told myself that I would never become like my father so that plays a huge role in the decisions I've made. I've come to a point in my life where I want to maximize my potential and make sure my body is performing at its best. Alcohol and drugs won't help with that. There is nothing wrong with it, its all up to whether the person 1. Does it in moderation 2. Understands the potential consequences. As far as stress is concerned, people will do what they feel relieves it the best. Whether the vice is toxic or not is up for discussion. Your friends also play a huge role in it as well. Most of my friends are martial artist like myself. Within the culture of our sport we don't really condone drug use. So most of us stay away from it. All depends on environment.
Tamira P. 8/5/2015
I find drinking, using drugs, etc. in moderation, as a social type of thing, is not as bad as using for the purpose of escaping reality because, its too stressful. I understand that the workload may seem heavy, but an addiction is even more stress to deal with. The constant need of a substance to solve your issues for a short time, isn't as satisfying as feeling that natural Dopamine released when you accomplish something for yourself. Seems cliche, but get high on life, at least until your brain has developed enough to take the distortion. However, peer pressure also add in this "You have to" type of feeling to your bag of stress. Whether you choose to do drugs or not, you risk a lot, you experience emotional, social, and physical change throughout college and high school. Some people find release from these changes, through drugs, alcohol, sex, whatever, and it slowly turns into an everyday thing, an addiction. Personally, I don't think it's worth it.
Kamury N. 8/5/2015
Students drink to relax (relieve stress), party, and to get away from it all. One way or another a college student will drink to satisfy one of those factors. On the other hand a student will end up drinking for two reasons one is because it's something to do when not in class or studying. College students get overwhelmed with classes and homework and wish separate themselves from that, plus most students get a lot of pressure just from their parents and when they get a chance to break free they do. The second is Drinking and partying is the thing to do and the place to be. Throughout our child hood we have watched movies and heard a lot of stories form many people who went to college, and throughout that whole time we have gotten the expectations to do these things called drinking and drugs all during college. To me I do my share of drinking yet I do not use it to relieve stress, I drink to have fun at gathering. What I tend to do to relieve stress is going out and playing sports.
Erick G. 8/4/2015
I drink, I do occasional drugs, I get good grades. It all depends on the person. I don't "abuse substances" to escape or anything. I do them for recreational purposes. Personally, I think the real demon is our "drinking is the devil" culture. The only people I know who have an addiction problem are the children from homes that strictly enforce the idea that even a drink is bad. When these people go out on their own it's like a whole new world and they jump into it all in too fast creating problems. I think we shouldn't teach our children that these substances are horrible(which only gives them a more enticing factor because they are so shunned), but teach them how to cope with problems, how to live above peer pressure, and above all how to have self control. Esh, I need a drink!
Shannon P. 8/4/2015
Drug and Alcohol is the tools that college students use to escape reality. Although college parties are based on alcohol and drugs it doesn't mean that there priorities are based off of partying and having a social life. During my first year of college I was able to balance both a social life and a successful academic life. Me and I'm sure the majority of the 80% of college student have done that. With that being said, reguardless of the using and abusing student will do what they have to do to reach their goal. Nothing is wrong with having a little fun along the way.
Jamiyah C 8/3/2015
Drug abuse and alcohol is the root of destruction for family and friends. My moms had a friend that passed from drugs and my granddad struggles with an alcohol addiction. I think we all have some type of family member that suffers with some type of addiction. It is easy for an addiction to grow and eventually take over there entire life. Many people do struggle with an addiction. College students deal with a lot of peer pressure from drugs and alcohol abuse. Some kids love the college life, no rules, no nagging, no curfew and that means they are in control of all decisions. College doesn't have to be based on parties, drugs and drinking. It's to make my life better. That's why my mom always stress how my education is the most important thing and that prepares me for my future and my career goals.
TS 8/2/2015
Drinking and drug habits are like your lil devil and angel that are on your shoulders one is telling you to do it and the other one telling you don't do it.
Bruce E 8/2/2015
I am hoping, so very much, that the prevalent grammar and spelling mistakes on this thread are due to intoxication and not the poor quality of education offered by U.S. institutions. By the way "stressed out" drinkers, real life is even more stressful after you graduate, so you will have a continued rationale for drinking.
Nicholas L 8/1/2015
My grandfather was an alcoholic and abused prescription drugs. I saw firsthand the effects that can have on a person. The statistics are scary for college students, but it won't change my mind about going to college. I realize the work load will be harder than high school and I'll be away from my family, but I know the importance about getting a good education to prepare me later in life. I have never abused drugs or alcohol and I plan on making my college experience positive and to reach my goal in life in becoming a pharmacist. College doesn't have to be about parties and drinking. College is about educating yourself to become successful in life.
Jacqueline zavala 8/1/2015
I think college people drink more so it's not only 80 percent it's more then that
Howard S. 7/31/2015
I have many friends in college who have alcohol or drug problems for these very reasons. However, I believe that alcohol and drugs are unacceptable. Marijuana is the most popular drug in my area. It is so popular that it is a pleasant surprise to meet someone that does not use it at all. Some of my fellow co-workers even come to work under the influence of Marijuana, because they cannot handle the pressure as well without it. I believe this is unacceptable because it does not allow a person to experience or deal with stress or any challenging situation in their natural state. Too many times have I met some body sober, and then feel like I do not know them at all because they are totally different person drunk or high. I feel students should face their fears and challenges with their natural mind. I believe in other ways to deal with stress like prayer, exercise, and conversing with friends. Drugs are only a temporary fix to a long term problem.
Sis k 7/31/2015
As a parent of the 21st century, I find that a good part of all of the above is "parenting". Human brain is not fully developed until the ripe age of 25! Way past early college years. Children make mistakes and take chances. Hell parents make mistakes and take chances. Parents need to keep an open communication line between their children and them from the time children can talk and long past college. Not easy I know however, This perhaps can minimize some of the above. Knowing who and where your children are hanging is HUGE. Kids that drink before the age of 15 are five times more likely to have problems. There are so many statistics out there. We as a society need to go back to basics. Parents need to be around, forget the big house, multiple cars, fancy toys, three jobs etc. WE NEED TO SIMPLIFY!! Enjoy our kids and family, isn't that why we had them?! before outside influences ruin their and your lives.
Stefany F 7/30/2015
Even if college students have reasons for using drugs, it's still not good enough. The majority of the people may be doing drugs but what about the other 20%. They go through the same problems and have the same voice to say "no". Even when others may think some can resist more stress, or curiosity than others, people can always make choices for their own. Knowing the facts doesn't change my opinion on going to college because I think there are other things that can help satisfy me like visiting my family or doing something entertaining like a hobby.
Ann L 7/30/2015
I don't doubt the 80% statistics one bit. Whether your at a pac 12 school, private school, or even a ju co drinking with other students is inevitable. Yes I will say that there are people who are not "party people" they don't go out every weekend or even once a month, and yes there are people who simply choose to obtain from alcohol completely, but I can say from experience most everyone who has been through 4 years of post high school schooling have been to a party or experienced with these drugs at least once. I have never thought of how this shifts my opinions about attending college. College being the 4 most vulnerable and self "finding" years of ones life it makes me realize that the system was not created so that students could get drunk all the time but rather to excel in education and profit from our knowledge to move on and work in our society. Iv realized that college has become less of an education and more of receiving the credibility to put an extra line on a resume.
Glen B. 7/30/2015
I can see where all of this is coming from. I know that several kids smoke that several kids from my school enjoy getting high off of weed and have heard a few hangover stories from my bus. i think that 80% is a little bit to high a number however. the problem with alcohol is that it is really easy to conceal and if a parent drinks it, the teens have easy access to the alcohol. i know that some kids get their parents to buy them cigarets as well. this is a very big problem in my eyes because alcohol in particular causes a lot of accidents on the road.
Nesya G 7/29/2015
I will not use drugs or drink and I will be careful in college
Lindsay H 7/29/2015
That's the problem with our society today is they want a quick-fix or relief from our problems. If 80 percent of college students drink more then likely its to "escape" to not have to deal with the problem now. I am a college student and trust me sometimes I wish it could be a easier on the work load. I'm trying to get into the nursing school and I have been declined several times; as discouraging as it is, I am grateful that is a rigorous program. Because, as I continue in my education I am realizing the severity of my job and how accountable that I am. There isn't room for mistakes in healthcare knowing this, makes me want to ensure that I learn how to deal with the hard things without resulting in an immediate fix.
Maxime L 7/29/2015
Put Jesus first and worry not; God is able and willing to assist. Let God guide you and all concerns will be dealt with. America, Asia, Africa, and everyone else on earth need to submit to God's will. Thank you all.
Asia H 7/29/2015
This article is inaccurate stating that 80% of college students drink. Is this nationwide? Is this for students who were surveyed? That number is too high and not enough proof was stated for it. I believe students abuse drugs and alcohol more in college is because you have easier access to it and most kids don't get the opportunity to find out their limits in high school with experimentation. So when they get to a college that excessively uses that stuff they think it's normal. In most of Europe the legal drinking age is 16. Europe has less reported cases of alcohol abuse than America. Need I say more.
Crystal B 7/29/2015
I do not feel that these are valid excuses for turning to drugs. Students need to learn, early on, effective techniques to relieve and deal with stress. As an adult, many responsibilities will come and not knowing how to deal with stressful situations can lead to drug use then as well. Knowing the statistics does not change my point of view on my college because I have never turned to drugs or alcohol but it does make me worry about my children going to college.
Raina M 7/29/2015
College will be very stressful. But . Now knowing these statistics I will find different ways to relieve that stress. Knowing these facts will help me not become a stastictic and have eliminated one stress free item off of my list.
Daniela O. 7/29/2015
Coming from an alcoholic family has never been easy. Knowing there's a ton of people that depend on a substance to feel better makes me sad, risking your life and living in a fake reality is not worth it. Everyday teens from around the world become more addicted to this fake reality, in the long run it just becomes worse, having an addiction can never have a positive outcome, some people trick themselves into believing they don't have a problem, but use it on a daily basis. It's not normal to be that way. Some people believe alcohol can provide them happiness, but it'll only last for a night until they have to deal with problems the next day. The truth is, life isn't easy, everyday we face new challenges, mostly with ourselves, but depending on a substance to hide our thoughts is not safe, and will never make you feel happier. I believe people can find a way of life, and something they're passionate about to keep their mind off this addiction, but they just have to try.
Kelsey D. 7/29/2015
I honestly believe that this article is someone's opinion because some college campuses are considered Wet Schools, meaning that when get to the drinking age they are allowed to. Not only college kids drink because a lot of high school kids drinks as well.
Liz B. 7/29/2015
I see why they do it! Not saying it's okay or that they should, actually I believe the opposite, but as a former drug user myself I understand why they start. I started using as a way to cope with the stress of my fathers death in my freshman year of high school, and later that year I became a mother. The stress was to the point that I couldn't handle myself or my emotions so I started using as a way to cope with reality. It's not okay and it caused me a lot of problems, but it worked. So I absolutely see why they do it. College is really tough! I think either curriculums need to be changed, or institutions need to develop a way to lessen the work load for college students.
Vernique S. 7/29/2015
It's scary to think that this is accurate, but I believe it. I'm a junior in college and I don't drink. I think this is partially a phase, "I'm young and this is what college is about". I think it's just very important to know you're limits and know the effects and consequences of every drug that you take and how much alcohol you consume.
Tracy H. 7/29/2015
I have worked with high school and college students for over 20 years. Let me explain a few facts: Teens that drink regularly are more likely to: -Be depressed -Die in a car accident -Do poorly in school -Commit suicide - Have sex and become pregnant I don't think those are are anyone's bucket list. Just don't do it.
Nicole S 7/29/2015
I think this article is here to scare parents. High schoolers do these thing too so I think it's dumb to write the article like it only happens to college students. Most kids do drink occasionally but that doesn't mean they are addicted. That's too far of a stretch to make. If students these days are addicted to anything, it's coffee not alcohol
Cory M. 7/29/2015
Sera the article isn't saying all 80% of students who drink are alcoholics, only 40% binge drink. I think the idea the author is trying to convey is that excessive use of drugs in college can lead to addiction, and this piece informs students/parents of the dangers they may face!
Jackie D. 7/29/2015
Thank you for preparing parents for what their sons/daughters will see at school.
e n 7/28/2015
I thnk this is terrible.
Alvin C 7/28/2015
Chris, you really hit this one out the ballpark.
Alexis C 7/28/2015
Yes I feel that the reason why college students is doing drugs and drinking is because of stress, work load and curiosity but I don't think it's a valid excuse for it. My roommate is a great a example of this because we were both in the basektball at school and she was dating a guy she really liked things got really crazy for her in her life so she decided to start drinking. She had never had a drink until then. Now she drinks almost every day and most of the time doesn't know when to stop. She has changed a lot from when she wasn't drinking. A lot of her plans in life have changed too. Knowing the facts doesn't change my view of going to college I just know I won't get involved in those kind of things.
VJ 7/28/2015
Although I myself find it nice to have a drink here and there I know the cruel things it can do to affect a persons life. For example growing up my biological mother became an alcoholic at a very young age which soon turned into an addiction which lead to violence against her daughter; me. Long story short I haven't seen her in what seems like forever and have had restraining orders due to assault and battery on me. Alcohol changes someone you though you knew into a stranger
Alexis C 7/28/2015
Yes I feel that the reason why college students is doing drugs and drinking is because of stress, work load and curiosity but I don't think it's a valid e. My roommate is a great a example of this because we were both in the basektball at school and she was dating a guy she really liked things got really crazy for her in her life so she decided to start drinking. She had never had a drink until then. Now she drinks almost every day and most of the time doesn't know when to stop. She has changed a lot from when she wasn't drinking. A lot of her plans in life have changed too.
Breaze F 7/28/2015
It seems like that only college students drink and are more likely to be addicted. I'm a straight A student and from the looks like I'm an addict due to this statistic
Mitchelle Achieng 7/28/2015
I'm going to be a junior in high school in a few weeks I may not know the struggles of being in college yet but taking an easy way out won't make it easier getting your diploma.
Scott V 7/28/2015
I don't necessarily have a formed opinion regarding the reason behind increased usage of Adderal, ecstasy, or marijuana during the college years. But when it comes to alcohol, I personally believe that the reason for increased consumption during the same time span is due to the culture of the US, especially regarding the drinking age. Now this is just a rudimentary conclusion based off of observation, but in European countries for example, the drinking age is often around the range of 16-18 and alcohol in general isn't brought up as taboo. When compared to the US, a country in which drinking is seen as something only reserved for adults, adolescents and young adults in college environments feel the need to indulge in this "forbidden experience" when they are given the chance to do so. I think that if alcohol is seen as something that's been acceptable since a young age, the desire to indulge in inappropriate amounts lessens.
Ra'Mico J 7/28/2015
Stress and curiosity is not a valid reason to abuse substances. Knowing how many kids attending college take drugs or drinking should not affect you decision to go to college. You should be smart and wise enough to make responsible decisions.
Adam C 7/28/2015
You didn't cite your sources. This entire article is facile due to lack of evidence and expert interpretation of the situation.
Anthony S. 7/28/2015
Whatever the statistics are, if think for one minute that alcoholism isn't a problem at the college level and beyond, you're in denial. Go visit the ER's and ICU's around the country and then comment on the "bias."
Andrea c 7/28/2015
College is a place of study, but to many students waste four years of their lives partying and drinking. These students are flushing their life down the drain. Drinking in general is bad for you wether you are in college or not. I do not think it should be aloud on campus even if you are over age. Not only is it harmful to your body but it also causes bad things to happen when under the influence that could lead to death. One of those things is drinking and driving. It's bad enough hearing about how so many teens die from just texting and driving can you imagine being drunk? Another harmful thing that drinking can lead up to is alcohol poisoning. This is very dangerous and it is commen to happen when you are amongst a group of people playing drinking games like college kids do. Peer pressure still exists and it spreads through college like wild fire. College students need to open their eyes and see the damage they are doing to their selves, friends and family.
Tayler G 7/28/2015
A heavy work load in college is accepted to happen, so the overwhelming amount of stress is not necessarily an "excuse" for substance abuse. Substance abuse is usually a way to fit in or to cope with something. Abusers may need help realizing they are not alone in life if they chose to make healthy choices with friends and coping. Schools should create more clubs and organizations that allow outlets for students who are feeling like the need to cope or a way to fit in without partaking in drugs or alcohol. The statistics of this article helped to make me more aware as to what is around me in college and to be ready to handle a situation with substances around without getting involved in them. I do not need to take part in "drinking" and "drugging" because there are alternatives to coping and making new friends that do not involve harming my health.
Jordan 7/28/2015
How is the article going to end asking if it sways one's opinion on going to college? If an article on this website is in any way swaying a student from going to college, it is likely the article shouldn't be on this website.
Alicia C. 7/28/2015
Drinking is Fun, but it's not fun when you get lung cancer and your kidneys are all messed up. I don't advice you to stop drinkibg, because the mayor it of you will not listen, but what I do advice is have fun, enjoy your college life. Don't get drunk all the time, your parents send you off to collegend for your future. Have a drink once in a while, study your butt off, and get drunk on the day of your graduation b when it's all said and done, and ofcorse; Do not Drink and Drive!
Kathleen B. 7/28/2015
I am a 21 year old female who is a full time student double majoring in Dance Performance and Business Management. I drink somewhat often yes, but I also know how to get my work done and make sure I'm keeping myself healthy. I also smoke marijuana a decent amount and it has not effected me negatively at all. To be honest, I have really bad anxiety and of course it helps me with that. Not all college students are abusing drugs and alcohol in such mass quantities as this article is trying to make people believe. The usage may be around 80%, but a lot of students know how to control their usage as well.
Donald B. 7/28/2015
80% of college students drink.....That's not a sign of addiction. I drink, not every day. Not even every week. The drug part I do not do at all. I like how this brought up stress because that is a main factor of why people start drugs or drinking which does make college students more susceptible to addiction because of the stress of paying for school, rent, utilities, food, insurance, fuel, etc. Instead of focusing on the effects of the stress, focus on the causes. Just paying for college is stressful enough. On top of that you have bills for everything else. Then you need to worry about getting homework done, maintaining a good GPA, actually retaining what you have learned. Most people who do both school and work have little chance to study = STRESS. Lower grades due to missed assignments = STRESS. Take off work to focus on school during finals and no money for rent = STRESS. You get the point.
Danielle C. 7/28/2015
There is no excuse for drinking, there are other ways to relieve stress. My sister is in college, she doesn't drink heavily. She drinks once a semester. Knowing this information does not make me stray away from college. I am determined to get my education.
Darrelle R 7/28/2015
Sera you shouldnt have .75 drinks everrr night that's just a waste throwing out the .35% . Give me the other .325
Thinker 7/28/2015
I find it pathetic that people see no problem in prescription synthetic drugs that kill people at rates much higher than marijuana, but have a problem with medical marijuana. Learn the truth. The FDA are drug pushers. They push drugs every day on your TV not your local corner. It's all about the $$ and who can control and regulate. That's all. How does one have a problem with an herb that grows out of God's green earth, but no problem with the man made lab experiments pushed into Americans daily?
Pilar D 7/28/2015
What scholarships are there for nondrinkers?
Gretchen P. Diehl 7/28/2015
I attend college and don't drink can't we just have fun and not have the drinking where people get drunk because like I hear you need to fill good can't we fill good on life itself that we need a quick fix. If you look around don't get pressured to drink there are more students out there who don't drink then you think. Join some groups, clubs, and you can find these students and they usually end up being life friends because who drunk people don't always act or say the right things.
Dennis C. 7/28/2015
Wow, you drinkers are kidding yourselves. What you write comes across as immature people trying to convince themselves that their drinking is OK and will not cause them any problems now or in the future. You're trying to validate your own selfishness and entitlement. Your comments show your emotional immaturity. Grow up.
Jennifer S. 7/28/2015
I feel that young adults are going to try new things that is the only way that they are going to learn. I don't think it's an excuse at all! To use it so that they can stay up all night studying or just to have a good time. And I also feel that drugs. Are a no-no unless prescribed by you doctor, drinking responsibly is okay just get a driver. Everyone get together and pay a driver to take you around. You cannot do that with drugs. So there is a difference there.
Jake Hancox 7/28/2015
Just because you are stressed from college, it doesn't give you an excuse to drink. You drink as either a past-time or just something you would normally do, so using drinking as an excuse for having stress at college and having a large work load isn't a wise choice to make.
Amanda C. 7/28/2015
Stress, workload, and curiosity are terrible reasons to turn to drugs and alcohol. Self-control should be a valued quality, yet, people throw away the ability to have control over their mind and body and instead are controlled by addiction (big and small addictions). These statistics don't change my perspective on going to college in the fall because I personally fear being warped and controlled by anything like drugs or alcohol. And my belief stays the same that these substances are poison to the body. Furthermore, it would be a shame to waste energy on an addiction when getting an education is the primary purpose of college.
Stephanie Slaughter 7/28/2015
Just because you drink doesn't make you an alcoholic. Most of us know our limits.
Diana V. 7/28/2015
The stress the hard work are no excuses to the use of drugs. We can all get over it after time once our minds are use to doing what we have to do and bot getting it addictated to something that will harm us later in life. My perspective of college is the same i know drugs is a big thing even for under age students i have the same view I've had I know that i will gonto college no matter what the obsticles are or what students are addictated to because if you can ignore and not give in you will do good and better than those with deugs in them.
Eli D. 7/28/2015
If something is bad for your mind or body, don't do it. Stop it. Period. End of story. When something takes away the ability of your consensus mind to make decisions, it's like communism. It can take away your freedom and potentially destroy your life. So the answer to it all is stay the hell away from these things. It is much easier to live 100% on the safe/smart/healthy side than 98%. If you want something in this life, do the same things as those who have it. If you want to be run down middle class, day in day out, do what every one else does. If you want to be successful in some area of life, just make the right choices by listening to those that have what you want. If you make the right choices, you will get what you want. I'm pretty dang fit, and I say stay away from that crap.
Skip B 7/28/2015
Jon - I agree. My computer actually caught on fire because this is SUCH A HOT TAKE!!!
Skip B 7/28/2015
Jon - I agree. My computer actually caught on fire because this is SUCH A HOT TAKE!!!
Jasmyn S. 7/28/2015
I'm a senior in college. Everyone handles their stress differently. Do I think drinking is the cure? No. Some students first experience with these drugs are introduced in college. For future or current students if your university/college offers health classes I would highly recommend to take them, to educated not just you but as well as your peers.
wendy f 7/28/2015
Heroin is cheap and easily is killing too many young people at a rapid pace, talk to your kids and teach them the perils fo trying it even once...... and I am really glad some of you have grown out of your college ways and some of you are social drinkers, alcohol and/or drug addiction is a serious disease and it costs so many so much.......please be aware of the dangers and behave responsibly
Tim m 7/28/2015
Going to College does not automatically mean you have change your core values. If you stick with your own standards drinking and drugs would not be an option. I have had many occasions where I was approached to drink and do Drugs where all was needed was a strong No. Having been raised by a single Mother who happens to be a nurse,has opened my eyes to the dangers of drinking and drugs. I want to succeed in my life and choose to remain drug and alcohol free. Strong beliefs and a good Character will keep me where I go.
Sera W 7/28/2015
Did the Temperance movement pay for this article? No joke, the bias is ridiculous. I'm a straight A Honors student, and a home beer brewer. I have about .75 drinks a night on average - some nights I don't drink, others nights I have one beer, or one glass of wine, or one mixed drink. On special occasions, two of any of the above. Most of my friends, few of whom are even brewers, follow similar rules. It's called being reasonable, and believe it or not, you can learn all about that at most colleges. Cut the attempted shaming.
Clare u 7/28/2015
I agree Emily. Just to piggyback off that thought, just because I drink and occasionally binge drink (and the definition of binge drinking is way too uptight) doesn't mean I'm addicted to alcohol or an alcoholic. It's called the weekend.
Jon 7/28/2015
Great take Chris!
Darrelle R 7/28/2015
I am 21 and have ben trying to get into a college for 3 hears. What can I do to make my dream a realkty? Can I talk too you about a exciting oppertunity that people our talking about? I can do drugs if need bee
Rachel T 7/28/2015
My daughter has been in college for the past two years and I had no idea about all these drugs. Looks like I need to sit down and talk about these issues.
Emily 7/28/2015
It is not evident that people are addicted to alcohol just because 80 percent of college kids drink. That is such a fallacy. You can drink alcohol and not be addicted and still make up that 80 percent that drink or the 40 percent that binge drink. Also, it is an unfair statistic due to the fact that college students of the legal drinking age (juniors and seniors) are included in that statistic. I am a deans list college student at a well known university and drink and I'm not addicted at all. Far from it. A glass of wine is considered drinking but does not equal addiction.
Rachel T 7/28/2015
My daughter has been in college for the past two years and I had no idea about all these drugs. Looks like I need to sit down and talk about these issues.
Doris R 7/28/2015
Back in 60s when I was at University we ate mushrooms and snorted jello o shots. Oh the Summer of Love . 50 years later I'm retired with a substantial retirement fund. Enjoy your college years.
Bryan S. 7/28/2015
Stress. Stress. Stress. Drinking for me always leads to negative outcomes. Weather it's drinking to much or indulging in other narcotics. These situations never seem to end well for me. Today I find other ways to deal with stress and enjoy myself without worrying about being socially acceptable. All you got to do is find the right people to be around and keep yourself happy.
Whisper M 7/28/2015
Nothing is a good excuse to do drugs, absolutely nothing. If they are prescribed drugs and you take the normal dosage, that is acceptable, but besides that, no recreational drugs or overdosation on prescription drugs is acceptable in any case. With drinking, if you're at the age limit and the situation is permittable and appropriate to drink, it is understandable to be a social drinker. In no circumstance is it alright to drink due to the following causes: stress, showing off, peer pressure. No one should drink anyway, because some cannot handle what alcohol does to their body. Alcohol does nothing good to your body or mind, and it is something most see as a recreational drug that gives an individual a temporary buzz that leaves a Mark on their lives forever. These statistics shouldn't sway anyway in a direction that doesn't lead to college. What these statistics should do for anyone is provide confidence to not be one of those numbers. Be a number on the other side, those that "Lived their college life without drinking, and graduated".
Julia C. 7/28/2015
Many people use drugs or alcohol as an escape from the real world, like when they are in college. They feel it helps them but in all honesty it just makes things worse. These drugs or alcohol make it so they cannot concentrate on school and make good decisions, it derails their chance on getting a good career. College students need to realize that drugs and alcohol only make things worse and not better. They need to put their life and goals as their first priority and not their last.
juan l 7/28/2015
agree! I was going to go to college but not after reading this article! No way, Jose! 10x the earning power of a high school graduate just isn't worth having to learn how to moderate my own life. I'd rather just take my GED class get a part time job and stay away from all that dangerous Natural Light.
Crystal M. 7/28/2015
You can be addicted to cheeseburgers, sex or anything in life. Drugs and alcohol don't make you a lazy or dumb person. You were lazy and dumb because you got addicted.
Paul P 7/28/2015
People need to get a grip and learn not to have to be dependent on drugs or alcohol. Exercise or join a productive club to deal with your stress.
Shyanne P. 7/28/2015
People in today's world are easy to give up. College is hard, money is tight, and it's a time in life where people are held responsible. I agree that people use drugs to help cope with the trials that come along with college. They shouldn't let that get to them because the reward of it all is worth so much more then an addiction. People use drugs to drowned out the hard times but it only creates more problems for them when they become sober the next day.
David King 7/28/2015
80% is misleading. That's fine that students choose to drink but not all are binge drinking. My sibilings and I were always well behaved and know our limits. We had fun but were responsible.
Meghan K 7/28/2015
Colleges need to take more of an initiative to educate their students about drug and alcohol abuse. High schools as well.
Mike M 7/28/2015
No, stress, workload and curiosity are not valid excuses to turn to drugs. I think doctors are overprescribing.
Jeff Allanson 7/28/2015
Just graduated from a large school in Indiana where all these drugs were easily available.
Chadwick Perriwinkle IV 7/28/2015
Andrew a - I agree! I was going to go to college but not after reading this article! No way, Jose! 10x the earning power of a high school graduate just isn't worth having to learn how to moderate my own life. I'd rather just take my GED class get a part time job and stay away from all that dangerous Natural Light.
Molli 7/28/2015
I'm currently in college and I don't do drugs and I think everyone who does drugs are losers who probably eat drugs and inject alcohol or whatever you do. What a waste of time, potential and brain cells! UGH! Go Kappa!
Dr. Aldo 7/28/2015
Prospective students - don't forget about State Dependent Memory (Get it? Don't forget about state dependent memory...) Anyways, research shows that individuals are less likely to remember information learned while intoxicated when they are once again sober. However, information learned or memories created while intoxicated are most effectively retrieved when the individual is in a similar state of intoxication. So study drunk if you're going to take the test drunk. Or don't study drunk if you won't be drunk. I need a drink...
Harry Heat 7/28/2015
I miss college but now I get paid to be on aderrall and x all day. Winning.
Josh E. 7/28/2015
I think universities do not do a good enough job in communicating the long term health effects of alcohol and drug abuse. Most colleges have an online course that students click through but never take the time to understand the impact of what is being conveyed. I also think that lowering the drinking age to 18, when a child is still relatively under the control of their parents would help limit some of the use we see on campus. But that is an argument for another day.
Sabo 7/28/2015
Adderall is everywhere in college and is over prescribed by Doctors. However it does help crank out a 12 page term paper in one day or pulling an all night study session. It's almost analogous to the steroid Era in baseball. If you're not cheating, you're not trying...
Blumpkinn 7/28/2015
Marijuana is a great stress reliever after finals week.
Laura Secken 7/28/2015
I have my first child going off to college in a few weeks. I knew about alcohol but I need to discuss these other things with her before she leaves. I trust her, but the more info she has, the better off she will be!
Andrew a 7/28/2015
This is a scary article
Ray M. 7/28/2015
When I was in college I never abused substances because of the stress I was feeling academically, I abused substances because they were fun. But I quickly realized that you need to exercise moderation in everything. I would only binge drink and experiment with party drugs if I knew the next day I didn't need to get up early and be productive. I knew that I wouldn't be able to fulfill my academic responsibilities if I was under the influence or hungover from the night before. It just takes a little thought, planning, discipline and an adderall prescription and you can experience all that college offers and still graduate in four years with a "B" average from a reputable university. For any high school students out there - experimentation with drugs and alcohol is not for everyone. If you have an addictive personality or a history of addiction in your family I don't recommend it. Remember , everything in moderation. Don't allow drugs and alcohol to disrupt your responsibilities.
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