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College to Offer Half Price Tuition for Fall 2021

College to Offer Half Price Tuition for Fall 2021
Izzy Hall

Southern New Hampshire University plans to cut tuition costs by 50% beginning next fall. This deep tuition price cut is a silver lining to the economic pressure the coronavirus pandemic has put on students and their family’s ability to pay for college. SNHU says that making college accessible and affordable to a wider range of students is its primary goal in slashing tuition prices.

Under SNHU’s new tuition plan, incoming students can choose between paying $15k a year for a full residential experience or paying $10k a year in a hybrid format where classes will be mixed between in-person classes, online instruction and experiential learning such as labs or internships. Alongside tuition reduction, SNHU will increase the transparency of their financial aid process, devote more resources to need-based scholarships, and freeze room and board rates. These price cuts will mean getting a degree at SNHU, which is a private college, will be more affordable most public colleges. This also means students will have to take on less student debt.

Southern New Hampshire University is not the only school to react to the coronavirus pandemic by freezing or cutting tuition costs. The College Board reports that tuition rates for both public and private colleges had the lowest percent increase in three decades. Other schools, such as Rider University and Fairleigh Dickinson University, are pledging to reduce tuition costs by 20% or more for incoming students next fall.

What do you think of SNHU’s tuition price cuts? Are any colleges on your list offering tuition cuts or tuition freezes? Let us know in the comments.

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