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Tips for Curing Senioritis

Tips for Curing Senioritis
Liz Montenegro

You’ve made it to your last year of high school- senior year- and graduation is just a few short months away! You are so close to taking that deep sigh of relief and starting the next chapter of your life, but it’s not quite over yet.

School is starting up again after a long winter break, and it can be hard to shed the sluggish feeling and emerge from the pile of warm blankets you’ve been living in while bingeing your favorite shows on Netflix. But don’t let the laziness of Senioritis take the driver’s seat- it’s contagious this time of year. You’re on the home stretch to graduation!

You may already have been accepted to college…But did you read the fine print of that acceptance letter? Most colleges state that your acceptance is contingent upon satisfactory academic progress.

Remember, that college or university accepted you based on the GPA on your transcripts. If your grades drop significantly, it could be bad news for you.

Senioritis can tempt you to wonder…What would happen if you didn’t keep your grades up and stopped going to class? For starters, your college acceptance could be pulled when they receive your transcripts from your last semester, not to mention you could be looking at summer school to retake those classes. Obviously, you had bigger plans for your last summer vacation before college!

Tips for Staying Motivated Through Your Last Semester of High School

Start a countdown.Keep your eye on the prize by remembering that you only have a *few* more months until graduation. You can use an app on your phone or mark the days on your calendar or planner to help you stay motivated up until the big day!

Make plans with friends. Here’s another way your calendar will help keep you on track. Plan small get-togethers or outings with your friends, so that you can give yourself some fun things to look forward to in between studying and doing homework. You could also celebrate the small milestones leading up to graduation, like the end of a big exam or project, or even the end of a quarter

It could be anything from a trip to the mall, the movies, the beach, or going to a concert. By having an exciting date on the horizon, you can make sure you’re keeping a good balance of putting in the work now so that you are able to relax and have a good time later.

Try not to obsess about college. Feeling anxious? If you haven’t heard back from certain colleges yet, or you did not get offered the financial aid package you were anticipating, it’s a good idea to apply to additional schools to give yourself more options and not “put all your eggs in one basket.”In addition to applying to your target schools, you might be surprised by the amount of scholarship awards and benefits that your second-choice colleges have to offer once you apply.

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