Colleges Offering Tuition Discounts and Freezes to Attract Students

Colleges Offering Tuition Discounts and Freezes to Attract Students
Izzy Hall

College tuition seems to rise every year, but with the potential loss of many incoming and returning students due to the coronavirus, some schools are changing their tune. From cancelling planned tuition increases to introducing programs that waive tuition for in-state students, colleges and universities are trying to retain their current student population while also hoping to attract new students.

The American Council on Education estimates that students have had a 20% increase in the current level of unmet financial need due to the impact of the coronavirus on the economy. And students who were hoping to get the full college experience are reasonably concerned that their fall semesters might be mostly virtual affairs, not worth the full price of tuition. More and more schools are doing what they can to support students who have had their financial situation negatively impacted by COVID-19 and who may be interested in staying locally or attending smaller colleges.

The University of Nebraska and Albion College are instituting policies that will waive tuition and fees for in-state students from families at or below a certain financial bracket. Schools like the College of William & Mary, Ohio Wesleyan University and The University of Colorado are implementing tuition freezes, meaning that rates for the 2020/2021 school year will be the same as 2019/2020. And the University of Maine is offering in-state tuition rates to students from out of state whose colleges have closed due to the pandemic. It’s yet to be seen if these tuition policies will improve enrollment, but both the University of Nebraska and Albion College have seen increases in applications since their programs launched.

For students whose financial plans have been endangered due to coronavirus, these initiatives may help them attend school without breaking the bank. And if you need more financial aid, try a free scholarship search and discover your personalized scholarship opportunities.

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