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Colleges Where You Can Earn a Degree for Free

Colleges Where You Can Earn a Degree for Free
Suada Kolovic

Here at, we make a point to advocate the importance of funding your college education the right way (for free!) and while financing your higher education solely with scholarships is an amazing feat, there is another factor to consider: colleges with no tuition to be begin with. Yup, they totally exist – check out the 11 colleges below where you can earn a degree for free:

We should also mention that elite universities with healthy endowments also tout financial aid programs that pay 100 percent of tuition, room and board and fees for students from families with certain incomes – $75,000 or less at MIT, $65,000 or less at Harvard and Yale, and $60,000 or less at Columbia, Cornell, Stanford, Duke, Brown and Texas A&M. For a more detailed look at any of the schools listed or hundreds of other universities, check out our College Search. And let us know where you’re heading this fall in the comments section!

Comments (28)
sabah 7/25/2015
I hope to get scholership for nursing
Berea college 7/5/2015
i would wish to join berea college to pursue literature or bulding and construction management
martha s. 6/30/2015
this is amazing cant wait to try.
Mary E. 6/23/2015
Thanks! I hope I get a scholarship
Mary E. 6/23/2015
I would like to chech cardiovascular surgeon programs at Vanderbilt, Yale ,Belmont, and Columbia
Mary E. 6/23/2015
J S 6/23/2015
Texas AM actually does not offer full tuition to families who make under $60,000. Mine made $15,000 last year. They are actually not that good at giving scholarships.
J S 6/23/2015
I got into Texas A&M. My family's income was $15,000 this year. A&M does not offer full tuition for people from families under $60,000. They are actually pretty bad with giving scholarships.
Annetta P 6/23/2015
I have a degree in healthcare adminstration. But I have been having trouble trying to finish my degree which is my Bachelor Degree and MA Degree due too my financial aid. Plus, I'm on a fixed income as well so I do hope and pray that you could help me out. I do most then appreciate it. Thank you Annetta
Brandon R 6/22/2015
Great information! Please forward additional information on these universities.
bonita L 6/21/2015
I would like to check the healthcare programs at Harvard, Yale, Columbia and Cornell.
Nontobeko V Sbiya 6/20/2015
Education is the key to success,so I believe that this scholarship can help me to change my life.
Aaminah Parker 6/19/2015
I believe that the scholarship app is fundamentally helping students be able to afford to earn scholarships and grants that doesn't hinder you financially
Jazmyn Fulton 6/19/2015
thank you
Alana S. 6/18/2015
extremely interesting I didn't know about some of this stuff.
Shailyn F 6/17/2015
Very helpful and valuable information
Richard Muñoz 6/17/2015
Valuable information.
Jean Brooks 6/17/2015
Dear Suada, We are using this site to help find scholarships for my daughter who will be graduating from High School next year. I am so happy to see your name and hope that you are well. Sincerely, Jean Brooks
My daughter will be attending Tuskgegee University 6/17/2015
would love to receive more information regarding Scholaship for college tuition. Thank you
nelson kemei 6/17/2015
I would like to get an admission to Barclay college under scholarship program since Iam from a humble background. Thank you in advance.
Jasmine Tassin 6/16/2015
I think this scholarship could help me pay for school.
Auonna N 6/16/2015
This would mean so much to me to be able to go to school and achieve my goals.
V.w 6/16/2015
I'm 24 can I still get a scholarship anyway no matter what age???
Jessica B. 6/16/2015
I plan on going to Gerioga State Unversity. I hope i get a scholarship
JC 6/16/2015
I'm soon to be a junior in high school and I'm working my butt off for these scholarships! Hopefully it will pay off!
Whitney Mason 6/16/2015
I plan on going to UCLA this fall and wonder if there is any free money available there?
Aysha Abudayya 6/16/2015
Thanks, I hope I get a scholarship
Eugenia Terrell-Bell 6/16/2015
Great information, very useful........thanks
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