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Controversy: Scholarships for White Men Only

Controversy: Scholarships for White Men Only
Suada Kolovic

A non-profit group in Texas is offering college scholarships to a demographic it says has fewer scholarship opportunities than other groups – white males.

The group, called the Former Majority Association for Equality (FMAFE), was formed by Texas State University student Colby Bohannan. He’s an Iraq war veteran who decided to return to school but said he had trouble finding college scholarships for which he qualified. "I felt excluded," Bohannon told The Austin American-Statesman. "If everyone else can find scholarships, why are we [white males] left out?" So Bohannon and some friends founded FMAFE group, which plans to provide as many as five $500 scholarships to deserving white men – at least 25 percent Caucasian to be exact – who have at least a 3.0 grade point average and substantiate financial need. "We know that we're going to be receiving some vicious attacks, from people claiming that we are racists, or promoting some bigotry-filled agenda," he said. But Bohannan reiterates that the group’s aim is to help students and not jump on any political agenda or bandwagon.

The group was formally incorporated in Texas last March, and is currently accepting applications for Fall 2011. "We're not looking for blond-haired, blue-eyed, stereotypical white males," he said. "My feeling is that if you can say you're 25 percent Caucasian, you're Caucasian enough for us."

Comments (8)
Mr. David Reyes 4/18/2018
I am a 47 year old who wants to go to college. I can't really go because I don't have the money. I NEED the $500 scholarship. I will apply for this scholarship and maybe a few others.??
Jagger M 4/18/2018
I am a white 12 year old who is looking to apply for a scholarship. I might be apply for this scholarship. Thank you Colby Bohannan!!??
John Smith 3/1/2018
Thank goodness for these pioneers. I have met more than a handful of wealthy, well connected people of color who have received institutional support through both scholarships to my university and special clubs only for them based on their racial background, but I have not been eligible for any of those. Thankfully, I have a partial merit based scholarship, but I will graduate school with $100k of student loans whereas my far wealthier black colleague will graduate with 0 loans and will have made 0 tuition payments. This scholarship at least adds a grain of salt to the least supported group in the United States, in comparison to the behemoth grants being given to people of color regardless of socioeconomic background. The true measure of justice will be whether the USA removes racial discrimination from its system of college admission, scholarships, and job applications. Until then, we will not get the best in the top positions and will create the same problems as Rome created.
KarenM 1/6/2018
I agree. White males get no breaks. There isn't a United Caucasian College fund but there is a United Negro College Fund. Why is that acceptable? Everyone deserves the same equal treatment. If anyone is discriminated against it is white males. This all needs to stop. Everyone should be equal on GPA Behavior Leadership Dedication.
anna h. 9/6/2016
Finally, a chance for white males to be given the opportunity to apply for a scholarship. This world has catered to minorities for too long. White males come from families with little money for college just like some minorities!
This scholarship is a bad idea because of the fact that it includes Half-Breeds/Quarter-breeds. If you're only 25% white, you're not actually white.
Janice D 4/2/2016
with the availability of 23&Me, etc., determining historic ancestry should not be difficult. Now I know how to distribute my estate! Thanks!
Marie M 4/13/2015
Thank you for recognizing the white male. I have two of them, my sons, and I can tell you they have been prejudiced against because of their gender and race. That is no way to advance the cause of other races and genders. "Equality" means equality for all. No one wins when one group is denigrated to advance another. I thought we had fought that battle already.
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