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Demand for College Degrees Grows, Study Finds

Demand for College Degrees Grows, Study Finds
Suada Kolovic

Reality check: For some students, heading off to college for four years isn't ideal. And while college isn't for everyone, an education should be. In order to stay competitive in the workforce, it's important to realize that there are opportunities in the form of both trade and vocational schools for students who don't see themselves attending classes on traditional college campuses...or are there?

According to a report by Boston-based labor analytics firm Burning Glass Technologies, more employers are demanding college degrees for positions that historically didn't require one. The shift is most significant for occupations traditionally dominated by workers without college degrees: For example, fewer than 20 percent of currently employed executive secretaries and executive assistants have bachelor's degree but now 65 percent of postings for such roles require the degree. Why? One reason may be that employers are requiring a bachelor's degree to narrow the applicant pool to a more manageable size. "For an individual employer, that may be an understandable step," said Matt Sigelman, CEO of Burning Glass Technologies, in a statement. "When everybody does it, however, this becomes a trend that could shut millions of Americans out of middle-skill, middle-class jobs." (For more on this study, click here.)

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Aaron H 10/2/2014
This is a terrible thing for the economy. Education is something that people should pursue for pure gift or joy of knowledge and accomplishment. The fact that student loans are much easier to be approved for than traditional loans or even a mortgage is bad news considering that some people may be going into debt just to compete for a low-salary position. This is not a responsible decision for a business owner because it disregards the future consequences in favor of an easy answer for today's challenges.
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