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Free College Scholarships

Free College Scholarships
Susan Dutca-Lovell

Politicians may promise free college tuition one day, but the only way to get a free college education right now is by earning sufficient scholarships and grants. For students wanting to join the cohort of America's future leaders, here are some scholarship opportunities: :

  1. Davidson Fellows Scholarship

    Deadline: February 10
    Maximum Award: $50,000

  2. Enid Hall Griswold Memorial Scholarship

    Deadline: February 15
    Maximum Award: $5,000

  3. Media Fellows Program

    Deadline: July 14
    Maximum Award: $5,000

  4. James Madison Foundation Graduate Fellowships

    Deadline: March 1
    Maximum Award: $24,000

  5. Matt Fong Asian Americans in Public Finance Scholarship

    Deadline: February 19
    Maximum Award: $2,500

  6. Lim, Ruger & Kim Scholarship

    Deadline: September 1
    Maximum Award: $2,500

  7. Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship

    Deadline: February 5
    Maximum Award: $10,000

  8. The California Federation of Republican Women's President Ronald Reagan Scholarship

    Deadline: August 15
    Maximum Award: $2,000

  9. Virginia and Frank Misselhorn Memorial Scholarship

    Deadline: July 31
    Maximum Award: 500

  10. Otto M. Stanfield Law Scholarship

    Deadline: February 15
    Maximum Award: Varies

Comments (26)
Milan Hoque 8/8/2016
I want to get a scholarship to complete my education to above level by studying. So, please help me because I am a very poor student in a backward village
Akori Ebiowei bright 8/7/2016
Am a nigerian loaded with potentials.i promise to do same charitable works like this..i need financial assistance to study law in any foreign university...will really appreciate if granted
john Christian 8/5/2016
I really want your scholarship and sponsorship to inprove in my education and in my basketball career
Nuhamin Mekonen 8/4/2016
I want to get a scholarshp because I want to show peoples in my country that girls can also be like mens if they became strong they can do things that mens cannot do they can make a difference but unfortulately I can't afford to attend in such school because I'm from a poor family.
Nuhamin Mekonen 8/4/2016
If any one want to have abig future I advice them first to dream and then if they try there best to make there dream big in what ever situation they are they can fulfill there dream what they need to do is to be strong and patient then even the war full mountain is going to be a peacefull road.
Emmanuel Martey 8/4/2016
I really need your scholarship for me to improve my education to another level ,pls help me.
Optimist Nen Bol Ruop (south sudanese IDP/Bentiu U 8/4/2016
Thank for all free scholarships around the world, iam extremely interesting to join that free scholarhips, but i don't have at the moment what you demands.
Isel Velazquez 8/3/2016
I would like to get some help to go back to school. I'm a single mom and I want to be educated to give a better life to my son. I can't afford to go back cause I am not financially stable.
Emmanuel Lobenyo 7/31/2016
Thanks for good opportunity.Here I want to persue more on my education.I need to do medicine so that i may help the communitt here in Turkana County becouse people are dying day and night becausr of diseases.Help me for that.
Sahana.p 7/31/2016
i need help to my studies because i'm from poor family i need to finish atleast my degree pls help me out of this problem....
Louanna lee 7/30/2016
I would like to go back to school I miss going to school but can not afford to pay.
Isiaka Haruna 7/29/2016
I have beign endowed naturally to meritoriously work for the development of the globe but I had financially broke rank to Study or further my education. Enthusiastic to study criminology in london!!!
oupa ngoma 7/28/2016
I need help indeed i need a scholarship to move forward with my studies please help me out those with good heart
Boitumelo J 7/22/2016
I am sebego boitumelo i need scholarship because i look forward for a change ,i have a matric and i need your help plz...
Ram Bdr Rana 7/22/2016
I love it
Amadi Emmanuel Chukwuemeka 7/15/2016
l bid my thanks to this wonderful opportunity and l'll be very grateful if i will be one of the merited candidate to study criminology or psychology in abroad.Thanks. .
Please help me 7/15/2016
My name is emily salasita i am a Tanzanian. i will compleat my o level in november this ambition is to stud abroad i would like to ask for free scholarship that will help me to stud abrod my ambition is to study health of reproduction
yussuf Ahmed 7/14/2016
Am somali refugee man in Kenya who is really financially very low but needs education aid in order to change the world.
Edafe Ejiro-oghene 7/13/2016
I'm a Nigerian undergraduate student... please I really need your help. please contact me for the scholarship procedure and I'll be forever grateful. thank you so much!!!
Everline 7/13/2016
I am Ugandan citizen who is very innovative and am so much willing to serve and change the world positive after my higher level of studies,but my financial status as well as my background are hindering me so much, please help me so that i can be able to give out that what is within me to create a change in the world.
Nasir mukhtar 7/12/2016
Thank you
Hategekimana Jean Paul 7/12/2016
I am happy to join the university.!!!
Emmanuel Justo 7/12/2016
I'm a south sudanes and I want to be a student and I don't have a money to study can you help me to be a man that have things in his life
michael 7/11/2016
i like and its about passion in me to have higher studies.all to see i can offer help as for mi and everyone around mi but circumstances brings hardship in my dream
ujeneza jean jacques cedric 7/10/2016
I want to study on scholarship bcs I'm able to study with the most intelligent children but the problem is to pay the fees in the best schools.
martini j japhet 7/7/2016
l like very well to study abroad and. cooperate together with europian peoples
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