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Free College Tuition for Student Employees via Employers

Free College Tuition for Student Employees via Employers
Susan Dutca-Lovell

It may be finally time to let someone else write the tuition check for you. With tuition costs increasing annually, what better time to apply for and attend college than now? Some top tier companies such as Starbucks, Bank of America, Google, Nike, and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles have begun to offer programs that cover four-year tuition costs in higher education. Why are companies being so generous? Take it as a "thank you" from your employer to you for your hard work, intelligence, pursuit of higher education.

You may be wondering: "What is the catch?" Depending on the employer, students may be expected to repay the money if they terminate work contract with their employer provider. Furthermore, you may be expected to complete your degree within a certain time period, through online learning, or at particular institution. Whether you are at the undergraduate or graduate level, SHRM estimates over 50 percent of employers cover tuition costs at both education levels.

Make sure to read all the guidelines and restrictions when determining your eligibility, as certain companies may expect a minimum GPA. On a positive note, not all companies are particular about students’ major, and are open to a wide field of studies. According to the Chicago Tribune, some annual caps could be $5,250 per student – this is still sufficient to cover a healthy portion of tuition.

To see if you qualify, conduct thorough research on the eligibility criteria and read the fine print offered by your employer. Take this opportunity to finance your college dreams, especially if you may not have to pay a penny. In addition, look at other ways you can earn free money for college by exploring some of our scholarships and conduct a free scholarship search today. With so many chances at earning free college money, how can you pass up the opportunity?

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Nhandij 8/25/2015
I think Health insurance in college should be based on your income and those who show financial need should get Medicaid on the spot
badr 8/19/2015
Iam searching for scholar ship for master
Audrianna W 8/18/2015
Right now, I'm a senior in high school and I'm talking a EKG & CNA class to get certified in both. I'm looking into nursing colleges such as Spencerian and Galen. My future goal is to become a Nurse Practitioner. Im looking for scholarships to help pay for college, and in the long run, help me better myself and my future. Thank you!
Enrique H 8/15/2015
I've dream to become a RN nurse. I'm a senior in Highschool. I take Hosa and that helps me with Health Related. I went to a hospital just to look around. I looked to my right and saw a RN nurse. The way how they were working, that was the brightest thing I saw in that room. At that moment I knew I want to be a RN nurse.
Nia H 8/14/2015
I've always has dreams of becoming a nurse , unfortunately something's got in the way of that. Now I have a newborn son I would like to pursue my dreams of being a nurse again to give my son a good life and also to show him how important education is .
Christine R 8/14/2015
This coming Fall I will be a junior in college and I am experiencing some financial problems. This money will help me out a great deal to continue my education without worrying for I can afford it. So please help me out.
Tedagne on 8/14/2015 8/13/2015
I need scholarship opportunity for to continue my education career in Ms..pleas
Amy B 8/13/2015
Looking for help with tuition to better myself, and my family. Ive finished my Associates but ran out of money to get my Bachelors. Please help me, i have what it takes to be a success!
Ava C 8/13/2015
I would like to have the extra tuition money so I can attend a Christian college that I have been longing to go to.
Daniela Burl 8/13/2015
I need money for school or I won't be able to start school next semester
Tray W 8/13/2015
I need more money for school
Donald B 8/12/2015
This would really help me to get in school
Tomeka Garner 8/12/2015
I need money for school
Anne d 8/12/2015
I have no money for school folks. Please help me out.
Trysha Casanova t.c 8/12/2015
I need money for school
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