Increasing Number of Students from Immigrant Families in Higher Education

Increasing Number of Students from Immigrant Families in Higher Education
Izzy Hall

Getting a college degree is part of the American Dream. College graduates generally earn more money and have a better quality of life. So it’s not surprising that students from immigrant families or who are immigrants themselves are making up an increasingly larger percentage of associate’s, bachelors and masters-seeking students in America.

In 2018, students from immigrant families made up 28% of all students enrolled in higher education, up from 20% in 2000. During the same period, these students grew more than the number of U.S.-born students of non-immigrant parents – around 58% of the total increase of college students. Immigrant students or students from immigrant families make up half of the number of students in California, are 40% of the student body in Hawaii, Nevada and Florida, and account for more than a quarter of students in eleven other states.

Students from immigrant families are typically the first in their families to attend college. They may feel the pressure to work harder and may juggle multiple responsibilities besides school like a job or taking care of their family. They may also not have the experience of going through the financial aid system or applying for colleges that non-immigrant students typically have. But among a declining enrollment of international students in U.S. colleges, and a falling fertility rate, it may be that immigrant students are the future of higher education – and the future propellers of the American economy.

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