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Mental-Health Kiosks to Cure Plague of Modern Anxiety?

Mental-Health Kiosks to Cure Plague of Modern Anxiety?
Susan Dutca-Lovell

While many people can recall their college days as being "the best days" of their lives, college is never stress-free. From completing last-minute papers, to studying for midterms and finals or dealing with a stressful breakup, students are expected to balance many social, academic and extracurricular responsibilities. For some, there are many positive lessons to be learned from the college experience, but the 2014 National Survey of College Counseling Centers reports a drastic increase in college students with severe psychological problems. Colleges now have trouble keeping up with the demand for mental health services. Up to 83 percent of colleges may deny treatment for students who possess problems beyond the capabilities of the staff. To tackle the issue, Drexel University has taken initiative in reaching out to struggling students by installing mental-health kiosks on campus.

Drexel University, the first U.S. college to install a "mental health kiosk," uses a high-tech, polarized device similar to a tablet computer and is stationed in the highly-populated Student Recreation Center. Using touch-screen technology, students, faculty/professional staff and even members of the general public are able to stop and "Get a Check-up from the Neck-up." The program goes through a series of questions that assesses individuals' state of mind and feelings, generates a "suggested result" and provides referral information based on the respondent's answers. It screens for six potential issues: depression, post-traumatic stress, bipolar disorder, alcohol use, eating disorder, and anxiety. When it comes professional training, The Association for University and College Counseling Center Directors reports that 58.5 percent of colleges offer insufficient formal or informal training. With this new technology, Drexel's Associate Dean in the Office of Counseling and Health hopes that high-risk students will be better assisted.

Funded by a $5,000 grant through the Thomas Scattergood Behavior Health Foundation in Philadelphia, the mental health kiosk is the second debuted in Philadelphia. Do you think this would be effective in tackling issues of increased mental health issues amongst college students? Also, do you have the requisite patience and empathy to help those suffering from mental or other disorders? If you have a passion for helping people, check out scholarships for Psychology or Social Work such as the Health Careers Scholarship and find free money to fund your college dreams.

Comments (42)
Li T 9/22/2015
That'd be such a wonderful way to easily take care of those who secretly struggle with a disorder and/or those who don't even know it... And those who just at the moment aren't feeling alright at all. Amazing idea.
Abby M 9/22/2015
This is honestly such a great idea! I already have a huge amount of stress on my shoulders in high school I can't imagine what college will be like. It would be nice to know I have something there to help me if I need it though!
Tiffany s 9/17/2015
Would love to have one my campus. Would be great for all of us there.
Mehrab 9/15/2015
I want to apply this scholarship any undate about please.
Marquis R. 9/13/2015
If combined with actual sufficient counseling, I believe the kiosk will be ground breaking. To confidently have an alternative to put a name to a symptom. I hope the idea spreads out, and is implemented onto other college and high school campuses.
Cameal P 9/11/2015
College is stressful within itself, having a Mental Health Kiosk is an awesome idea. I was experiencing let's just say LIFE, and it affected me greatly. My grades suffered and I was dropped from my nursing program TWICE. I then entered into therapy and took some time off. I reapplied to a different nursing school and has now begun my journey to fulfill my dream of being a nurse. I know I needed help but I waited until I couldn't take it anymore to seek out help. If this Kiosk was available, I might have had a better handle on things and not have to start all over now. Awesome idea!
Martha M 9/10/2015
Mental Health kiosk is a great idea for college campus and should be extended to high schools as well. The technology available for individuals is remarkable. These kiosks will enable students to access help without feelings uncomfortable or shameful that they may have a mental health issue. Great idea!
Alexandria C. 9/10/2015
The student drop out rate has increased in colleges over the years in the U.S, due to the overwhelming amount of stress students put on themselves. I believe that pushing for this plan will not only prevent the student body from developing a serious mental health issue, but also reduce the percentage of the drop out rate's in our High school and Universities. For the sake of society's mental health and education, the world needs to be informed of this new issue.
Christian S 9/10/2015
Im a senior in high school and I'm here looking for scholarships!
Ruth B 9/9/2015
For as long as I can remember I've always been passionate about helping people through any problems they've had-my friends come to me for advice first and I do my best to help them. I would love to one day have that be my career.
Derris L. 9/9/2015
This is definitely helpful for me as a high school senior who is trying to prepare for college. Just because a term gets academically rigorous or times get hard financially, doesn't mean that stress has to be a part of it.
Hailee H. 9/9/2015
I feel the issue is that going into college we are not all mentally healthy. High school is so stressful for some individuals as well, because we make this traumatic jump not completely healthy, how are we supposed to function at our best in college if we where never healthy before? Dealing with stress needs to be a part of our education systems.
Adult Prodigy 9/9/2015
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Stacey E. 9/8/2015
Living in Utah with the highest national statistics of suicide rate and having already attended 6 funerals due to suicide as a Senior in highschool is more than a wake up call for us to take action. Our fullest education can't be achieved if we aren't mentally healthy.
Melissa L 9/8/2015
I want an education in neuroscience/neuropsychology. It means a lot to me to help individuals cope with their anxiety and maintain good mental health.
Cassidy D. 9/8/2015
I feel like this would be immensely helpful to not only make it easier on college councillors but to also give college students an effective check up. Great idea!
Maria Sanchez 9/8/2015
hello It would be a great idea it would help many family's and students who are wanting to successed in a career I would love to get enough finical aid to pay for my school to purse my dream career in helping other people.
K.A.S 9/8/2015
I really think this is a good idea. In my opinion, I think college is one of the most stressful things in a teenagers life. College comes with the stress of bills and debt and it definitely isn't going anywhere soon. Students even turn to stripping and porn to get the money they need. They practically give an arm and a leg to pay for education. The better the college, the more expensive it's going to be.This program would help a ton of college students with the stress that comes with college.
Matthew D. Torres 9/8/2015
I dropped out of college last year because I have been stressing about money. Any scholarship will help me no matter how small.
Sanest 9/8/2015
What scholarships are avalible for broadcast journalism students obtaining their BA?
Kassandra B 9/8/2015
I would love to have a scholarship for medicine because I plan to go into the medical field.
Araceli 9/8/2015
As it is going to be my last year of high school I wish too go to college
Grace D 9/8/2015
I think the mental health kiosk is a great idea. I am going on my second year in college and I know how stressful it can be to deal with academics, social life and financial issues. I think the kiosk would be great for people who have extra anxiety about talking to people about their specific struggles. As I am studying counseling psychology, I would love to see these kiosks at all campuses that do not have a qualified counselor or outreach program.
Allyson B. 9/8/2015
This is such a great idea and it takes a little stress off the load of college to know that could be available. I just need some Financial aid to help pay for college.
Vanessa S 9/8/2015
Wow that's an amazing device.I believe it is going to help students. Mental health is a serious issue. Once the student knows he/she can get the help needed. Great job!
Eva S. 9/8/2015
I want to be an Administrative Medical Assistant. I need a scholarship to me with school...
Sandro G 9/8/2015
Hi, how have you Been I need a scharship in Medecine, i really want to be a good doctor
Tori s. 9/8/2015
This is a really good idea that will help those who might be scared to see a human.
Ardi E 9/8/2015
I need some financial aid to pay the collage.
D'Asia B 9/8/2015
I have mental health issues, I'm a senior in high school so just imagine the college stress/anxiety. I'm already dealing with it! More people should be aware of this because it's really common and just about everyone deals with it. This was a very nice piece to write.
Carlos Morales 9/8/2015
Using this technology can and will help those in need of assistance but must understand more facts about it.
af 9/8/2015
I would to continue to stay in school and build a good future for myself.
Christa bartlett 9/8/2015
Yes, I honestly believe that if there is some help for the college students to relief stress. Due to the fact that I am a college student I am always stressing about certain things.
Zarina Moreno 9/8/2015
I think our culture lacks what this kiosk provides. A lot of us depend on our friends and family to let us know we are outside ourselves and when to reach out for help. Having something like this in a very public place would limit the stigma and let people know it's okay to be concerned about their own mental health because it effects so many facets of our lives and that it's definitely ok to reach out for help.
Tamia H 9/8/2015
Thank you!
Lauren B. 9/8/2015
I think that is a very smart thing to do. I believe high schools need this too. Some kids have some very bad depression in high school and can't get through their work, but if the school tested them and found out about it them they would help them get through their daily life and get them on track to college and a good job.
Valerie C 9/8/2015
This would be an amazing opportunity for college students but you should also consider high school students. If they are having any of these symptoms in college, chances are they didn't just start at that point in their lives.
Rebecca K. 9/8/2015
More schools should be more aware of the students they are educating. Not everyone is in the perfect state of mind and the more aware you are the better the experience for both the instructor and the students! I feel like this new item will help so much just because it will make the student feel like what they are feeling it's something out of the ordinary and that they are not alone. It will create so much more support than the student may have not felt prior!
Mallory R. 9/8/2015
A large population of humanity finds Mental Health to be a negative dissorder; however, I find that people are not knowledgeable on the matter.
Bethwel mondo 9/6/2015
It is unbelievable various institution dosent have this, daily majority meet various challenges that affect their lovely hood. Thro this A1
Connie mcnally 9/5/2015
I have mental health issues and we need to break these stigmas to the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world.
julia w 9/4/2015
this sounds amazing and more schools should definitely have this. I know even just as a senior in high school I am having major stress and it's hard for me to tell what is normal and what I can do so I know this would be amazing helpful for college.
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