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New Bloomberg Effort to Help Low-Income Students Through College

New Bloomberg Effort to Help Low-Income Students Through College
Suada Kolovic

In an effort to help talented low-income high school students get into and succeed in college, Bloomberg Philanthropies has announced a new initiative to do just that.

According to The New York Times, the effort will involve hiring 130 full-time college counselors and enlisting 4,000 college students as part-time advisers. Using video chat, email, telephone and text, they will mimic the support network — composed of guidance counselors, teachers, parents and friends — that more affluent high school students take for granted. "Many of America's brightest students don’t apply to college simply because they lack access to the right information and guidance, particularly students from low- and middle-income families who want to go to competitive colleges but don’t think they can afford it. That limits their opportunities and contradicts what we stand for as a society – and it holds us back as a nation because it prevents so many smart young people from contributing to the best of their abilities,” said Michael R. Bloomberg. This new initiative aims to directly help as many as 65,000 students a year! (For more on this story, click here.)

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Comments (2)
Shannon J 11/16/2014
Having a High School Senior that has taken college classes for the last 2 years, it would great if there was somewhere to get funding for the classes that schools do not pay for. I am VERY grateful that the schools give them the opportunity to take these classes, but this being her second semester in her Senior year she has used up all the credits that the school will pay for college classes. I do not want to discourage her efforts but coming up with over $2000 is not easy and scholarships do not cover the kids in High School. There is a great need for Financial aid for these hard working kids.
Jinyan Z 11/6/2014
As a high school senior within the low-income category, I am glad to hear this new. It is a possible opportunity that I may get some supports for my college life. I intend to study medicine. It is one of the most difficult career. I wish I will be lucky enough to be the one who can reach my dream, with the diligent action and the help the scholarship.
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