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New Scholarships to Support Refugees...and White Males?

New Scholarships to Support Refugees...and White Males?
Susan Dutca-Lovell

Wheaton College, a liberal arts college in Massachusetts, has created a refugee scholarship following the POTUS' immigration order in an effort to preserve their "foreign-born community." Another scholarship called The Privilege Grant, was recently created and is exclusively for white men "pursuing college on equal footing with their female, queer and ethnic minority classmates."

Wheaton College houses 1,650 students who have come from more than 70 different foreign countries. While the Refugee Scholarship is open to "any refugee student fleeing conflict," preference will be given to applicants from countries directly targeted by the recent order - including Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. Students seeking to land the full scholarship are required to submit a 100- to 200-word personal statement "outlining their background and what receiving this scholarship would mean to them." While the general response to the initiative has been supportive, some question "why the college has chosen to prioritize foreigners over U.S. citizens." Wheaton's Refugee Scholarship is not the first of its kind, but appears to be the first "in direct response to Trump's order."

Another scholarship, recently created by Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulous, is exclusively available for young, Caucasian males looking to receive a college education. Each Yiannopoulous Privilege Grant is worth $2,500 and students must be currently enrolled or admitted to an accredited two- or four-year, full-time American college or university. Though some earlier commentary described the scholarship as for solely "straight white American men," the website does not mention anything regarding sexuality. The grant is one of the very few scholarships awarded exclusively to white males.

It's no joke (though it may have started out as one, according to Yiannopoulos). "If you're a woman or you're black," he says, "If you're disabled, or you're Muslim, or a refugee...If you identify as an attack helicopter, you can get free money. But the facts say that actually it is young white boys who are educationally underprivileged. As educationally underprivileged as many other groups. So it did start as a joke, but nobody can resist the truth wrapped in a good joke..."

Some feel this type of scholarship is propping up white nationalism, while others argue that there are scholarships for all manner of minorities as well as female-only scholarships, so perhaps it should not be an issue to offer one to white males. What do you think? Should there be scholarships for such a demographic? Why or why not?

Photo credit: Breitbart News

Comments (17)
Luke A. 3/21/2018
Whenever I am looking for outside scholarships, I face great difficulty in finding anything that applies to me. Most listed are for minorities and females. If I were to screenshot the listings of scholarships websites say I qualify for, you would be amazed at how many don’t remotely apply to me because of my skin color.
Blake G 9/16/2017
If everyone else gets special privileges just because the color of their skin, why can't I? There should be no scholarships for anyone because of their physical traits.
Tanya S 3/8/2017
Merry F - there are many factors other than race or religion that exclude children from summer programs. I tried to get my black male son in a summer program with Exxon mobil. I had to explain to him that he did not live in an "underserved" community. Best thing I ever did was send him to a 2 wk summer enrichment program at a predominately black private school & he then understood the difference. Mike - gross generalization. Andy P - dang, where do you live? My experience, my friends, my children & their children has been the exact opposite. Your experience may have more to do with where you live. But let's talk privilege. It is a proven fact with data to support that white males make more $ for the same positions as compared to females & other minorities. Can't argue with facts. The career & industry you are in makes a difference as well. IT - it is cheaper to higher a resource from India than a resource from the US. Again another fact. white scholarship - go for it.
Heather W 2/16/2017
Absolutely there should be scholarships for Caucasian men / boys. It's racist to Not have one for them. There are scholarships for every other race, ethnicity, and religion. So anyone who complains, is truly a hypocrite.
Linda W 2/13/2017
I wish all scholarships were color- and gender-blind,but the fact is everyone is trying to fill quotas and look balanced when sometimes the pool of applicants is not balanced. My daughter was very good academically, my son the same or better, but she easily got STEM scholarships and he did not, since he was part of the overrepresented white male population.
TomC-Western NC 2/11/2017
How about all the white boys around here in Appalachia? They're certainly underprivileged and forgotten. Why NOT give them a separate scholarship? Is is no country for white men, when it comes to scholarships. In fact, any scholarship that has ethnic, religious, national origin, racial, or other demographic gate-keeping is discriminatory.
Teresa 2/9/2017
Are you flippin' kidding me?? A refugee scholarship? What about giving my daughters scholarships for let say, umm....good grades? Being leaders all their young adult lives....being active in their community, school, organizations. How about helping them achieve their AMERICAN dream!!! They are actual born and raised on American soil! SMH!!!
Mike 2/9/2017
I like how the only people that dislike this are African Americans. I've had so much trouble finding scholarships because there are so many race/gender only scholarships and neither one includes a male only or a white only scholarship. So if anyone has an advantage it's everyone else besides white males.
Helen J. 2/9/2017
People we need to get real. There are already scholarships out there for everyone. I know of at least four white males who received scholarships because of academic performance or income level. We need to get our heads of the sands of this divisive segregation. If we are to remain the hope of the free world we need to stop looking at race, ethnicity, color, gender and the like and utilize all of the brain power we can in this county to maintain our lead. If anyone thinks that there are not scholarships already in place for white males, they are misinformed. Just need to use "Google" to become informed.
Jakai 2/8/2017
Smh just because white dudes may seem like the sudden "minority" because the rest of us are actually being acknowledged as PEOPLE for once doesn't make them special. They've always been the priority. Any parent who fails to see that is ignorant and every student who agrees with this is just as pathetic. Y'all are the reason supremacy exists.
Merry F. 2/7/2017
Absolutely there should be a scholarship for white males. My son was excluded from a summer program he wanted because he was a white male. He is excluded from many scholarships. So...if we are going to continue the path of racism and segregation then yes...a scholarship for white males is in order. Or.........let's take the damn boxes off of college applications and financial aid applications, etc. that ask you to put yourself in a category and let's start down the path of being blind to race, sex, religion.
Mike W. 2/7/2017
Yes, scholarships for white males is needed. Anyone who believes being a white male is an automatic golden ticket to the American dream is kidding themselves. The curriculum in public K-12 schools has for many years been slanted toward the way girls are taught and learn, while punishing boys for normal boy behavior. And opportunity for minority's have been pushed and even officially sanctioned to the point that higher learning has become something only white boys from wealthy families can aspire to.
Jill B. 2/7/2017
My son who is white graduated from college...first in his class in the physics department and is having a difficult time finding a job. Can't understand why. Yes white males are now a minority in the job market. The thing is he is so kind, believes in equality, and believes everyone should have equal opportunities. He is the least prejudice person I know. With his brains and his belief in equality, he could do a lot for this world.
Erica T 2/7/2017
You're kidding right? White males are the most privledged in this country! They get everything and anything they want, and don't have to work as hard as anyone else, especiall their female counter parts (White females)! So no, I do not think that they deserve an exclusive scholarship. -Black Female :)
Anna R 2/7/2017
I'm sorry that this scholarship was born out of a joke. I am an African American female that thinks this scholarship will benefit white males well. We all need assistance attending institutions of higher education. Wouldn't it be grand if we all could have the opportunity to receive a scholarship to attend universities that offer degrees in areas of need in our country or community? I think Milo Yiannopoulous wanted shock value. He has failed.
George F 2/7/2017
It is not "white nationalism" as much as offering scholarships exclusively to people with darker skin tones is "black nationalism" or other groups being "XXX nationalism."
Andy P 2/7/2017
Yes, omg yes! White males are totally a minority at every school Iv attended !
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