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New York Teen Accepted to all Eight Ivy League Schools

New York Teen Accepted to all Eight Ivy League Schools
Suada Kolovic

Applying to some of the top schools in the country is unquestionably unnerving but after months of stress, sleepiness nights and chronic stomach pains, it all seems worth it when you read those magical words, "Congratulations! You've been accepted." Most would celebrate such an occasion with screams of triumph, followed by an immediate Facebook update or witty tweet sharing their enthusiasm...but what would the proper celebration be when you've been accepted to not one but all eight Ivy League schools? Ask Harold Ekeh.

Ekeh has hit the admissions jackpot, receiving acceptance letters from Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, the University of Pennsylvania and Yale. This outcome, however, wasn’t just luck, for Ekeh is quite the accomplished and well-rounded student: The Elmont Memorial High School senior founded a college mentoring program, was names a 2015 Intel Science Talent Search semifinalist, directs a youth choir at his church, plays the drums, is part of Key Club and Model UN and was elected to the homecoming court. And although he’s yet to make a definitive decision as to where he will enroll this fall, there seems to be a frontrunner. "I am leaning toward Yale. I competed at Yale for Model UN, and I like the passion people at Yale had,” he said. Ekeh will spend the coming weeks visiting all the schools before making his final decision. (For more on his story, head over to New York Post.)

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Comments (28)
Incoming college student 4/13/2015
congrats! His hard work paid off. He must be really good with time management to be such a well rounded student. He obviously knew what to do to be able to stand out as a student starting high school. A great example.
Angela H 4/10/2015
*mind blown*
Peyton T 4/9/2015
Such an inspiration for everyone! I applaud this talented guy for all of his effort that has now payed off.
Kayla W. 4/8/2015
Wow, this is incredible. That's a major accomplishment and he must be so proud of himself and so grateful... I need to get some tips from him!
mom- 4/8/2015
Yay You- job well done!!!!
Mimi T. 4/8/2015
This is mind-blowing!!!!!!!
Ciarra S. 4/8/2015
He is truly remarkable! He is the very definition of what students strive for when looking at their future! He is determination and full completion and he's worked hard to get where he is today! May his college and post-college career be successful and full of happiness!
Lily 4/8/2015
Congrats! Must be a lot of hard work and stress. You deserve it and wish you the best :)
Arianna Tapia 4/8/2015
This is a great story. I admire and feel the same way about why students make the school of their dreams. I am one of those exact students that always had a dream to go to Stanford University ever since I was a freshman in high school. I worked towards my goal to be the best at everything I tried doing besides always being a straight A student throughout my elementary and middle school years. I am an IB student at Ferguson High School, graduating class president for 2015, I have a non profit organization where I send shoes to children in other countries that are in povety, go on mission trips whenever possible, captain of the dance team at school, dance competitively, and my hobby is tap dancing and reading. I teach mentally challenged children how they can move through dance . I received my acceptance letter into Stanford University in December as well as being accepted into all the top schools . Set your goals early in life and work towards them. Your dreams will come true too.
Sampson, E 4/8/2015
Good luck to him and well done. I just can't understand how his parents got into America when they only work at Target. Contrary to what Americans think, America is extremely hard to get into (legally) so how did they do it? My family have had to jump through hoops to get here and after 4 years my son still didn't get his green card!
Mia W. 4/8/2015
That is absolutely amazing! I'm excited for him. I hope his uses his academic and other talents for good. Great job Harold!
taiwo favour 4/8/2015
Tamir A 4/8/2015
This is a wonderful thing for less fortunate students. Wish I had known about it before I enrolled in school.
Vivian Q. 4/7/2015
What an amazing young man. Super humble too, definitely someone to look up to!
Shelbie P 4/7/2015
That is absolutely amazing. What an accomplishment! I wish the best for Harold and hope he succeeds in everything he does!
Kenny G. 4/7/2015
Damn.. Dude congrats you must be hella smart !! #preach
Dmitriy T 4/7/2015
Now all he has todo is accept white privilege and religious manipulation as facts of life and become a corporate CEO. :)
Viviana R. 4/7/2015
So happy for him! :) It's great to see someone getting recognition for their hard work.
Eva C. 4/7/2015
I'm very glad for Mr. Ekeh. He is a very talented student with a bright future. I am sure his parents are extremely proud of him. I hope he choses soon so that he can free those spaces for other talented students.
Feyisa M. 4/7/2015
Great Man!
Charles Y. 4/7/2015
Extremely proud of you Harold! Congratulations!!!! ????????????. Now go and excel, whatever school you choose. I hope some young people will find inspiration in your story.
Lucky A 4/7/2015
You are an inspiration to all youth. I can see what a wonderful son you are. I wish you nothing but best!!!
Dene W 4/7/2015
Congratlations young man. I feel so much pride for you and your parents. Continue to strive and be your Best Self. May God Bless You All
Jamila B. 4/7/2015
Now that's what I call hard work paying off.
Lolz 4/7/2015
Cool story
Bianca G. 4/7/2015
Wow this is absolutely incredible. I know the adrenaline of excitement when I recoeved my first acceptance letter & could only imagine how Mr.Ekeh felt. I wish him the absolute best for the future. I'm leaning towards UC Santa Cruz & I know we will go where we are all meant to be.
David B. 4/7/2015
What this young man has accompliched is nothing short of a blessing. Someone so humble yet so young. We can all learn from him.
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