Scholarship Search in College? Scholarships for Undergrads

Scholarship Search in College? Scholarships for Undergrads
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Let’s say you’ve made it. You are enrolled in college, or have been for a year or two. You’re receiving some financial aid, or even a scholarship, but something’s missing. It’s money. No matter how generous the package you’re receiving is, there’s always one more book to buy, one more activity fee, one more dining hall bill…

We know it is extremely unfair, but for a lot of students, figuring out how to pay for college is a struggle even after they begin classes. A reported 70% of students who drop out of school cite financial problems as the reason why. With the fast pace of studies, jobs and homework, it can seem like there is no time to look for extra resources. And that is for students who actually know that these resources exist.

In senior year of high school, there is a lot of emphasis on how to win scholarships and financial aid. But we want to reassure you – as an undergraduate in college, there is still help available. And this is something worth making time for, even during your busiest semesters at school. To get started you can inquire within the department that interests you, or from student coordinators and advisors in general. Ask your professors, classmates and upperclassmen.

You can do research on your own as well. Here at, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive scholarship search with very helpful search filters. You can look at opportunities based on your current or next school year, or by your age. This means that if you are returning to finish school, or you entered as a freshman years after high school, there is still assistance to find.

You can also use our site to search for scholarship opportunities based on your race, religion and other unique qualities. Searches can be filtered by ethnicity, gender or disability, for example. A lot of our scholarships are available both to incoming college students as well as those currently in the college application process.

You may also be eligible for scholarships that you wouldn’t have been aware of as a high school senior. Maybe you fell in love with sculpture your second year at school. Maybe you have developed a new talent or interest in engineering, or joined a fraternity or sorority. Get specific and run a scholarship search based on athletic or artistic ability or academic major.

Of course, there are merit-based scholarship searches we can help you with as well. See what scholarships you are eligible for based on your grade point average, honor’s association, or SAT/ACT scores.

There is a wealth of information and assistance on, and a free scholarship search is the first step to seeing what is available. Winning scholarships can be the change you need in order to reduce your financial stress and focus on your studies.

We make it simple and match you to college scholarships you qualify for.