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Academic Scholarships and Merit Scholarships

Academic scholarships, or merit scholarships, are essentially as titled. In order to receive an academic scholarship to pay for school, strong grades are encouraged, as well as ranking in the top five to ten percent of your graduating class. Merit scholarships are often related to academic performance, but can also be given to a candidate displaying artistic or athletic excellence, or even a combination of both. It is safe to say that, while all academic scholarships are merit scholarships, not all merit scholarships are academic scholarships. You have a chance at winning scholarships in this category if you are a generally strong student or in your area of study, and there are greater opportunities that come from extracurricular involvement.

Finding Academic Scholarships

Many merit scholarships offered by colleges and universities may require more than just academic excellence. Some may require an honorary title or being an scholarship awardee from esteemed or highly-recognized organizations and societies,such as National Merit Scholarships or the National Council of Teachers of English awards. Others simply require you to get a certain score on the ACT or SAT and/or to graduate in the top percentile. While these are common varieties of academic scholarships, few students qualify for large awards through their schools. Rather, students have more luck finding money for college through private providers of academic scholarship awards.

Academic Scholarship Opportunities

Academic scholarships all come with their own requirements regarding academic performance and extracurricular involvement. Merit scholarships can sometimes require community service involvement, or demonstrated leadership/leadership potential. School sports or politics are exemplary of this. Students in athletic leadership positions, such as team captains, or serving as class president, are highly appealing to organizations looking to bankroll the formal education of future leaders. In order to find the academic scholarship opportunities that are right for you, conduct a free college scholarship search on Scholarships.com. By completing a free profile, you will have access to scholarship information for a myriad of awards that correlate to your education, experience, and background. Below is a list of some academic and other merit scholarships available in our database.

Bridgewater College President's Merit Award
Application Deadlines:
Bridgewater College recognizes the academic achievements of high school seniors and transfer students through its ACE program. Each year, the College commits significant institutional resources for grants and scholarships to assist students. The Bridgewater College President's Merit Awards range from $16,500 up to full-tuition and are based on an applicant's academic performance in high school [...] More

Furman University National Merit Scholarships
Application Deadlines:
National Merit/National Achievement finalists who indicate Furman as their first-choice college may be eligible for a renewable university-sponsored scholarship, in accordance with National Merit Scholarship Corporation guidelines. Students who demonstrate financial need may receive $2,000 in a renewable university-sponsored scholarship, and students who do not demonstrate financial need may [...] More

Last Edited: July 2015

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