Schools Offering Tuition Discounts This Fall

Schools Offering Tuition Discounts This Fall
Izzy Hall

The coronavirus pandemic has affected nearly everything about college – and for some schools, that includes tuition. Beyond tuition freezes or removing application fees, these colleges have gone one step further in reducing costs for their students. A tuition discount recognizes not only the economic difficulties many students and their families are facing due to COVID-19, but also acknowledges that mostly or entirely online classes are generally not perceived as being worth the same amount of money as a full residential college experience. Some of these institutions also plan to offer additional scholarship funding to the students who need it most.

The colleges offering tuition discounts this fall include Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins University, Princeton, Williams College and Spellman College. Among schools offering discounts, most range from 10%-15%, and will resemble a price cut or price deduction on normal tuition. Other schools are offering more generous tuition discounts. Southern New Hampshire University is offering a one-time full tuition scholarship for incoming freshmen and plans to reduce overall tuition by 61% by 2021.

Not all tuition discounts will be offered to every student, so if your school is among those offering a tuition discount, get in touch with your admissions office to determine whether you qualify. And if you still need more financial aid to pay for college tuition, consider all your options – including scholarships and grants here at Our free scholarship search matches you with personalized scholarship opportunities based on your student credentials. You’ll be on the path to saving on college costs in no time!

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