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Sugar Baby University - A New Way to "Pay" for College?

Sugar Baby University - A New Way to "Pay" for College?
Susan Dutca-Lovell

To help tackle the issue of rising tuition costs, thousands of British students are paying for college by using "sugar daddy" websites. One particular site,, has 12,600 UK students signed up with proof of college enrollment. Their motto? "You + SeekingArrangement = No College Debt." SeekingArrangment is a way for "beautiful, ambitious people to graduate debt free" through "arrangements with older sponsors." Is the world of "sugar daddy" relationships a mutually beneficial dating experience, or just another term for "sex work"?

According to Fox News, users claim there is a huge difference between "providing company for men" to support their college education and prostitution. According to one 20-year-old student on, she earns $2,000 a month from the "sexual arrangement." She claims, "I've saved quite a lot. It pays for my travel, my books, and I haven't had to take out a student loan. I've been quite well off.” Brandon Wade, the founder of, believes it enables "sugar babies" to "upgrade their lifestyle" and is therefore not an escort service. Wade claims sex was never expected, neither were the countless marriages worldwide that resulted from the pairings. "You want to find somebody who is well educated and who can provide for you financially, you know, so it's sort of the Disney dream per say," claims Wade.

However, for one married 62-year-old sugar daddy who is currently seeing four sugar babies, "sex is an integral part of the site." According to the man, "I wouldn't be able to meet girls as young and as beautiful as this through an ordinary dating site." Sugar daddies such as him believe that the consensual relationships are appropriate for students seeking to supplement their bank accounts without having to spend "eight hours slogging in a bar only earning minimum wage." The general consensus between both parties is that expectations go both ways and that sugar daddies "provide money to individuals who decide they want a certain type of relationship." Whether it be a means to cure loneliness, or for those who simply don't have the time for a committed relationship, several women have agreed that they "always end up getting what they want financially, and that's the whole point. You've got to play the system."

Although neither condones nor condemns the aforementioned practice, we believe that paying for college doesn't have to be daunting, and that the best way to fund your college education is through scholarships. Check out how many you qualify for today, and start earning free money for college.

Comments (58)
Madeline C. 11/15/2015
What is the point in being in college to pursue a career so that one can pay their debt by having to put their body out there. It makes no sense if one is doing something so immoral of that sort because they are so desperate to do anything. There are other options. We all just have to find them. Plus I don't approve of this occupation where they are basically putting their lives at risk, they actually should be taking care of their bodies because, after all, college life just may be that stressful.
Casey A. 11/11/2015
That is the thing, scolarships, work-study,grants, and more do help but, not everyone gets them. I see where they are coming, they want an education, they just do not have the money because it is expensive.
JessP 11/11/2015 seriously!!!Are you sure you aren't getting a kick back from this sugar daddy website? You just ran free advertising for this site-how ignorant do you take others for? You say you don't endorse than why give title of website? You as well are part of the problem with education-you just endorsed and advertised paid sex selling/trade completely a waste is.
CYNTHIA C 11/11/2015
Jean C. 11/11/2015
Just out of curiosity, how much did your site get paid to publish this "infomercial"?
Jean C. 11/11/2015
I am stunned that this site would promote prostitution to pay for college. Did you read your own article? It reads as an advertisement for "sugar daddy" web sites! Seriously, is this what obtaining a college degree has come to? You need to sell your body and your integrity? As a female college student, I find this suggestion to be totally degrading, and the fact that this site is promoting such behavior is flat out disgusting. Just another way of saying women can't make it without the help of a man. Personally, I will be unsubscribing from your site, and complaining to my college and to Phi Theta Kappa for recommending this site.
J Floyd 11/11/2015
This should not be sent to kids. Unsubscribing from this website!
Jon J. 11/9/2015
I just signed up at so someone can support me. There are no sugar mommas that I ever heard of. Yes they are mostly very old. Desperate times call for desperate measures, right? Thanks for the idea! I will tell everyone I know that if you recommend it then it must be okay, even if I do think it's a strange idea. How bad could it be, right? I mean they are someone's rich old uncle, probably nice as can be. Anyway, thanks again, you are a lifesaver!
Cariann D 11/9/2015
*Wince* well, you know, I don't necessarily think there would be women doing this unless it actually helped them make the ABSOLUTELY FRICKING RIDICULOUS college payments ends meet. If "education" is sooooo important to those who are against what these women do, how they make it through college, wouldn't it make sense to provide more aid for them, or maybe lessen the cost of college through the strategic voting for specific members of our government? You know, something that literally any legal citizen over the age of 18 has the ability to do? Or you know. Let them do whatever they want because what you have to say doesn't mean jack-squat to them.
Kait M 11/7/2015
Why are you guys so judgmental? What they are doing has nothing to do with you. The ibly problem that arises would be adultery but it is not the sugar baby's responsibility to make sure their daddy doesn't cheat on his wife, it is his. Support sex workers and stop slut shaming.
Willieyour A 11/6/2015
This is unbelievable. This is a form of prostitution.
Deniz 11/6/2015
Faviola Lopez 11/6/2015
No this is so wrong if you want to pursue dreams the you gotta put in the effort.
Margarita E 11/5/2015
That's horrible what this 20 year old is doing there are other ways to do things. That's how I got here I was looking and looking for these websites to help me pursue my life long dream. I will be the first to graduate from college in my family and I want to make a difference in people's eyes. There always a ways to do things it's the choices you make get you where you are today and where your going to be in the future.
Erin S 11/5/2015
Gross! A 62 year old with a 20 year old?! Ewe! That's just...ewe! ??
shafii musa 11/5/2015
I need help,i want to fufilly my dream by studing at muhimbili.
Muhamed Shalata 11/4/2015
Is possible to complete my study and join to this faculty although I'm in my first stage of education faculty of commerce ..!
Shay L 11/4/2015
Good grief! I share this site with students. This is not the sort of exposure I want young people to be getting!!! Prostitution and drug money articles are the only things you could come up with this month?
mark b 11/4/2015
im a husband and a father of 3 i would just hope that my wife and kids would ask me for help even if they though i didnt have money i would sell everything i had before i would let them to tricks with some dirty old pervert and shame themselfs for money im glad they are smarter than that and have a little self respect for themselfs not to sound like a bible thumper but i think todays youth should set foot in a church once in a while
CT 11/4/2015
Where do I sign up
Ray J 11/4/2015
Uhm...explain how this isn't prostitution? The gymnastics it takes to pay for college these days is astounding. A Rose by any other name is still a Rose.
Tiff B 11/4/2015
If the arrangement is just for "company" than its fine but as the article said it's often more than that. If the arrangement is for sex or sexual favors then it is the oldest profession in the book, prostitution. If the arrangement ends in marriage then I guess it has a happy ending. However that married 62 year old sugar daddy is looking for an educated prostitute. First he's already married and second he said sex is a must. It does seem better to prostitute for college tuition instead of drugs but at the end of the day it's the same thing. At the end of the day a college degree is a piece of paper.
Jonny J 11/4/2015
Selling sex at ones will should not be condemned. from my asian background I do realize that it is not the most proud job one can have but everyone have right to choose their job! But first of all, We should talk about the situation that one( most likely teenagers and early 20s) has to sell sex to pay for tuition and living. Lower the Damn tuition
Annabel A 11/4/2015
This is truly sad. Yet understood because my best friend & I ever since our freshman year in HS have spoke of becoming sugar babies in college because of the financial burden it'll be for ourselves & parents. It's pretty bad because we're of the 2016 graduating class in HS & still talk about it as it's soon to become a reality but, oh well just might be foreshadowing some freaky stuff sad.
Ann W 11/3/2015
I actually saw a segment on a show like 20/20 or dateline about a young lady who shot porn movies to pay her tuition at an Ivy league school. I think its sad that countries like Denmark provide free college and the US students have to resort to nothing more than glorified prostiution.
Quyen T. 11/3/2015
Honestly, it's a trap. If you do go to college, you'll either be in debt or work your butt off. There is no shortcut to getting easy money from (may or may not be horny) rich old men. It sounds too good to be true anyway. So please be aware of shady sites and people who might take advantage of you!
Barbara G. 11/3/2015
Good grief, are you kidding me??? What in the world have we taught our youth? In my day the taboo form of paying for college, was dancing in a strip club, comparing the least you got up everyday and went to work and earned your money. Why even go to college if you can be someones "kept dirty little secret", the one thing I instill upon my 4 daughters is, no matter how tough life gets, make sure that you first and foremost do NOT have to depend on a man or woman, as might be the case for some, for anything. From cetting your oil changed or jump starting your car to putting together that book stand to paying your way for anything. Wonder how many of these girls decide its easier to be some nasty little sponge to some nasty old pervert...geeze
Ruth 11/3/2015
My son who is a minor signed up for this to look for scholarships; not to be subjected to these types of stories. We will be unsubscribing, and shame on the people who manage this site for not flat out condeming this type of behavior.
Jose M. 11/3/2015
Don't understand why people are complaining about this it's just a way to help students to go to college or at least take money off tuition there not forced to but it's there choices.
Oscar. M 11/3/2015
Is it only for girls
Vickie C. 11/3/2015
It is the same as prostitution. If that's what they want to do that's fine, it's their business. But they shouldn't be trying to claim it's anything other than that. Any kind of prostitution and/or escort service also "upgrades their lifestyle" due to the money that they make for those activities. Same, same.
janmes 11/3/2015
chalene plaisimond 11/3/2015
I won't lie I have actually thought of becoming a sugar baby in order to afford college. However I believe it is only because of my morals and religious background that I have yet fully committed to the idea.
Samantha H 11/3/2015
It is hard to believe that people are going to these extremes to pay for college but as a student, referring to myself who is also struggling financially to pay for college, this article is very believable to me. This generation of students have to think outside of the box to find new ways to avoid huge debts. It is sad that those who strive for a higher education have to accept the negative consequences of loans; loans that will follow that student for a lifetime. Taking a loan out to pay for college just seems inevitable these days. During my mom's generation it seemed that going to college to recieve a higher degree was not a huge sacrifice as it is now. Although I would never do this, I view these students who participate in intimate relationships with "sugar daddies" as being resourceful.
Charlene C. 11/3/2015
Well it's a pretty unconventional way to get money for college. I personally don't agree with it, but as long as both people involved agree to it. Whatever floats their boats I guess.
Amber Tingle 11/3/2015
Being paid for sex of any kind is a form of prostitution it doesn't matter what it's for.
Emily J 11/3/2015
The fact that we have to resort to that kind of activity just to afford college shows how messed up the system is. It's practically an expectation in this day and age that everyone go to college. However, hardly anyone can afford to without huge financial assistance. That's not okay.
Ariea M 11/3/2015
Most students in college are working to 7 days a week and are making minimum wage. Everyone has their own standards. It really shouldn't matter where people are getting their money from to pay for their education. It takes a really long time to pay off student loans so if a person is willing to give you extra money to pay off your debt then why shouldn't you accept it. As a 16 year old coming right out of high school this year I have never had a job. I need all the money that I can get to afford college. If anyone has any ideas about a scholarship that can benefit me please let me know.
Ellie N 11/3/2015
That is sad that women have to do those things to pay for school. I want to start a family but my school debt will haunt me and Noone is helping me pat for school. I believe school should be much cheaper than it is now.
Stacey 11/3/2015
Where do I sign up
TeresaT. 11/3/2015
College is so expensive! Help is oh so appreciated !
Lovennda Lalanne 11/3/2015
Hii I'm going trying to go to college and I just don't have the amount of money to afford if
Janaya H 11/3/2015
Yes i do need help for college! Why does it matter where and how you get funded for college as long as you get to receive your education for your future. What is it to anyone else especially the one's who are not helping out financially or trying to direct me to the latest scholarship?!
Stephanie D. 11/3/2015
college tuition and other college based necessities are increasing in price and my family and I could really use help paying for the college I would like to attend. I'm a first generation college student & I could use all the help I can get.
Georgina T 11/3/2015
Virginia A 11/3/2015
I am attending college to help better my future but its hard with no money.. lians are going to eat up a large portion of my career later on
estefani garcia 11/3/2015
Senior in high school and I'm looking for scholarship ...
Arianna G. 11/3/2015
I can understand why so many students are resorting to such a extreme in order to pay for college. Not everyone can balance a full time or part time job while attending college, and not everyone is lucky enough to revive scholarships. It's a sad truth that I belive shows the desperate behaviors women, (men as well) are willing to take in order to attend college.
Julia W 11/3/2015
Achieving my goal of becoming a teacher is one of the most important things to me right now. College, as everyone knows is not cheap, and getting this scholarship or any scholarship for that matter would be a great help in this time of need. Thank you, Julia.
Wryan Kelly 11/3/2015
Hi! I'm going Full time as a student focused on entering ASU next year fall & im praying for help, to help me succeed. You won't regret it, thanks
Terrance P Gaines 11/3/2015
I'm in need of money for college so I help my mother out and just have wonderful life so i can build family and a great legacy
Adrianne E. 11/3/2015
I think that some people are loosing perspective here. No education is worth your principles. Naming it "You + seek arrangement = no college debt" or "Sugar babies company for college money" or whatever you want to name it, does not make much difference with prostitution if what you have to give in exchange to get it is your body. This is quite more expensive than private college loans.
MoNai F 11/3/2015
I Need Schlorships to go to college.College cost to much
Amber Bonvillain 11/3/2015
I need financial help with college! My gpa is 3.5! Thanks Amber
Danielle E 11/3/2015
I need scholarships and grants. Can u help?
Danielle M 11/3/2015
I NEED scholarships ! I want to be successful
Aundrea V. 11/3/2015
Money doesn't come easy, so when you have a chance to take advantage of this opportunity you do so!
Jacques J 11/3/2015
I'm new to this and I need help preparing for college
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