Texas A&M Working to Re-enroll College Stopouts

Texas A&M Working to Re-enroll College Stopouts
Susan Dutca-Lovell

Not every student who goes to college completes their degree, much less finishes it within the "normal" four-year time frame. The Texas of A&M University has spent years working to re-enroll students who stopped out of college for a year or more, and may have found a solution in partnering with ReUp Education.

Across its 11 universities, The Texas of A&M University estimates that, over the past five years, roughly 13,000 students who stopped going to college are still eligible to return back to school. A key problem Texas A&M faced was finding contact information for students who had been out-of-school for a while, making it critical partner up with an entity such as ReUp Education, which has the ability to track down students. ReUp Education also has coaches who provide extra support by reaching out to students throughout their time in college. Texas A&M pays ReUP 20 to 30 percent of the tuition rates of re-enrolled students for the service, according to Inside Higher Education.

ReUP, which started up two years ago, is the only company of its kind which focuses solely on re-enrolling students at universities; furthermore, providing engagement and consistent communication in supporting them through graduation. Surveys indicate the students cite "personal commitments" as the top reason for stopping out of college. Campuses are also looking at policies that act as barriers to students continuing college, such as account holds due to parking tickets or missing documents; even considering options for assisting students with small amounts of debt that prevent them enrolling in future semesters.

If you are a student whose path has diverged, for whatever reason, and you are now looking to go back to college, attending college now is a great move for your life and career. In addition to re-enrollment assistance programs as ReUp Education, there are abundant scholarships for returning students and scholarships for not currently enrolled/non-traditional students looking for ways to help them pay for college.

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