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Top 10 Colleges for Financial Aid in Wake of COVID-19

Top 10 Colleges for Financial Aid in Wake of COVID-19
Susan Dutca-Lovell

Between the new, hidden COVID-related college fees and increased demands for tuition rebates, financial aid and leaves of student absences, college affordability is a top concern for parents and students in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Aside from changing schools, taking a gap year or delaying enrollment, families are largely dependent on college financial aid now more than ever.

When it comes to the price of college, a high sticker price does not necessarily mean it is unaffordable, according to The Princeton Review's editor-in-chief. For example, private colleges tend to have more money to spend and, while annual tuition plus room and board at four-year, private universities is higher than at public ones, roughly two-thirds of all full-time students receive financial aid.

For families concerned about college affordability in the wake of COVID-19, these top 10 colleges for financial aid are doing the most to help offset the cost of attendance by providing the most generous financial aid packages. Based on data from fall 2019 though spring 2020, The Princeton Review ranked colleges by how much financial aid is awarded and student satisfaction with their financial aid packages:

  1. Vanderbilt University
  2. Williams College
  3. Grinnell College
  4. Washington University in St. Louis
  5. Bowdoin College
  6. Reed College
  7. Rice University
  8. Thomas Aquinas College
  9. College of the Atlantic
  10. Denison University
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