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Top 10 Least Expensive Colleges to Earn Your Degree

Top 10 Least Expensive Colleges to Earn Your Degree
Suada Kolovic

It seems as though students are willing to do just about anything to save money while in college, from working multiple low-paying jobs to sticking to an Ramen-noodle-only diet to applying early and often for college scholarships. But what if there was a more direct route to affordable selecting a school that won't cost you $200,000 to attend.

According to USA Today, your best bet is Berea College in Kentucky. With the average annual price tag clocking in at $2,382, students pay $10,257 total for four years. We should mention that 100 percent of the student population receives financial aid and that students also participate in a labor program in order to keep costs low. In order to determine the figures, they multiplied the average net cost most students pay (including average amounts of financial aid) by the average length of time to graduate. The resulting number is the average price most students will end up paying. Interested in other affordable higher education options? Check out USA Today's top 10 least expensive colleges to earn your degree below:

Did any of your top choices make the list? If not, would you consider a college based on its affordability? Let us know in the comments section. And don’t forget that even affordable college tuition can still be expensive! Try and fund your education with as much free money as possible – a great place to start is by visiting and conducting a free college scholarship search where you'll get match with scholarships, grants and other financial aid opportunities that are unique to you!

Comments (5)
Anonymous 2/11/2015
A bargain only goes so far, I'm currently a student at Illinois (not a bargain at all), but we're ranked as one of the highest ROI's in the country according to Forbes. It's the return that actually matters. BS
Anonymous 2/11/2015
I go to U of SC and the costs on this list surprised me. The cost of getting a 4 year degree at these schools are much less expensive when compared to how much it is to attend USC for 1 year.
Anonymous 2/11/2015
Indiana University Southeast is cheaper than all the colleges on the list. I live on campus, and taking four classes -- I'm paying around 7-8k. However, I do not have a meal plan, so I don't know how much my cost will increase by if I should have it.
Anonymous 2/10/2015
What about WGU? I got my degree there for way cheaper than over half that list.
Anonymous 2/9/2015
This is great. Just great
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