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University to Allow College Students to Carry Guns on Campus

University to Allow College Students to Carry Guns on Campus
Susan Dutca-Lovell

Texas college students can now stroll campuses, university buildings, classrooms and dorms with textbooks, supplies and...guns in their possession. The new state law permits students with concealed carry licenses to carry their guns at all public colleges and universities in the state. The Texas law took effect on the 50th anniversary of the UT Tower massacre.

Under the controversial new law, students who are at least 21 years old and have a concealed carry license will be able to carry a gun with the exception of some facilities such as sports arenas and chemical labs. The new law will not go into effect at private and two-year community colleges until next year. What prompted the recent change? Due to an increase in mass shootings - many of which took place on college campuses - proponents believe that a more armed student body "might be able to prevent such incidents." Additionally, supporters claim that "no [gun control] law would stop someone from simply walking onto campus with a gun." Those who oppose it fear that it will only lead to more violence, stating that "a university is a battleground of words and ideas, and not of weapons."

Texas isn't the only state permitting students to conceal carry - eight others have already implemented the law, including Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Oregon, Utah, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. Given that the new law is only applicable to a small percentage of the student body who are of age, the university "estimates that less than 1 percent fit the criteria" to carry. Initially, the University of Texas lobbied against the new law and although university presidents have some power to regulate concealed carry on their campuses, they are fairly restricted. The law states that "any rules or regulations instituted by the university may not 'generally prohibit' license holders to carry their concealed firearms on campus."

Comments (8)
Alexandria C 8/26/2016
I personally don't feel safe knowing that people can carry around a gun on campus. If something happens, many students will n in danger. That shouldn't be something that students will have to be prepared for.
Emma Douglas 8/6/2016
The people who shouldn't get it will have it so why not let the good guys get it too? I don't see the issue
Elizabeth S. 8/5/2016
This is good; this law will save many innocent lives from bloodshed. "How," I hear you ask, "is bringing more guns to campus going to stop the gun abusers?" Well, it's simple. Where are the crazy people going to go if they want to massacre the innocent? Why, right to the gun-prohibited campuses. If you were a shooter, you'd think twice about it though, if you knew that those students may have a gun themselves. Why have we had so many shootings lately? That answer also becomes crystal clear when you look at the statistics: the more gun-safe laws we implement, the more likely are shooters to choose that area. The numbers DO NOT LIE. Look at the country's with the most restrictive gun laws and you will see their shooting statistics sky high. People have the RIGHT to protect themselves. We can not, and will not UN-invent guns. humanity has produced this weapon, and the only way to combat guns is for humans to use them in a proactive way, by protecting and safekeeping our loved ones.
Joshua W 8/5/2016
I believe in doing this it could cause many campuses to become in danger due to the gun law. Many people are already being killed daily as it is why allow them to have free access to carry their with them on campus? This could cause many problems to occur such as conflicts on campus which could lead to the students using their guns to solve their problems. By this happening it could cause many deaths to occur on campus due to the gun which allows them to carry their guns.
desalegn temesgen 8/3/2016
I have graduated by geography and environment from wollega university. known I have 5yr by geography and environment. In rural land and environmental protection
J 8/3/2016
Combat the issue of gun violence with more guns? Really Texas? I really hate this country when it comes to things like this. We wouldn't feel the need to be armed if people weren't afraid and insecure. It's gun culture, antiquated and cancerous. And it's heartbreaking when we see how cancerous it is, how it's affecting our lives, and yet no one wants to meet halfway on a solution. How many children and young adults have to die before we realize that great minds and strong hearts, not weapons, will lead to a safer tomorrow?
Tim P. 8/2/2016
Words and ideas should be the battleground, but the fact that we have mass shootings proves some people can and will stoop lower. I'm not a big gun person. I've never gone hunting and neither I nor my parents own any kind of gun. Still, I see some worthy arguments for gun ownership and concealed carry. Laws only prevent law-abiding people from doing something. And the possibility of a gunman SAVING a school is reasonable. Let's allow these states to do what they believe is best and judge them based on the results.
E 8/2/2016
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