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Featured Scholarships

You can't afford NOT to enter to win these Featured Scholarships. Each is so quick and easy to do, you might be kicking yourself for quite awhile if you miss these opportunities! Don't wait - Apply for them today!!

Featured Scholarships

Niche No Essay ScholarshipNiche No Essay Scholarship

Niche $2,000
"No Essay" Scholarship

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Don’t stop there, though! Create a personalized profile today to find anywhere from a few to hundreds of other scholarships to which you are suited. It will only take about twenty minutes for the initial process of answering the questions we will use to match you to scholarships in our database. After that, it is totally up to you how much time you spend reviewing and applying for scholarships, but you can rest assured the more you put into the process, the more you are likely to get out of it!

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Political/Civic Engagement: Why and How to Get Involved

July 2, 2015

by Emily Rabinowitz

It's July and we all know what that means: an abundance of red, white, and blue, fireworks bursting in the sky, parades lining the streets, patriotic anthems filling the air. In the thrill of such a classic celebration, it is easy for us to forget that which we are celebrating: freedom. This year, after the fireworks stop ringing in your ears, try participating in one of these volunteer [...]

The Educational Value of Facebook

July 2, 2015

by Chris Bernardi

Are you one of the billion users who enjoys posting or viewing status updates, pictures or articles on Facebook? While Facebook and other social media sites have often been viewed as a distraction in the workplace and classroom, a first-of-its-kind study shows the educational value of these forums that can help students learn scientific literacy and other complex [...]

Enrolling at a Branch Campus vs. a Main Campus

July 1, 2015

by Ashley Grego

When most people hear Penn State, they think of the college town located in State College famous for Beaver Stadium and football. It's less likely that people think of the other Penn States - the branch campuses. Technically, they are the same university...but perception is different. Although main campuses may offer more activities, different classes and a completely [...]

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