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Featured Scholarships

You can't afford NOT to enter to win these Featured Scholarships. Each is so quick and easy to do, you might be kicking yourself for quite awhile if you miss these opportunities! Don't wait - Apply for them today!!

Featured Scholarships

Niche No Essay ScholarshipNiche No Essay Scholarship

Niche $2,000
"No Essay" Scholarship

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Don’t stop there, though! Create a personalized profile today to find anywhere from a few to hundreds of other scholarships to which you are suited. It will only take about twenty minutes for the initial process of answering the questions we will use to match you to scholarships in our database. After that, it is totally up to you how much time you spend reviewing and applying for scholarships, but you can rest assured the more you put into the process, the more you are likely to get out of it!

Latest College & Financial Aid News

Hundreds of Colleges Still Accepting Applications

by Suada Kolovic

High school seniors, are you down about not getting a fat envelope from any of the colleges you applied to? College students, are you looking to transfer from your existing institution? Don't freak out: There are hundreds of colleges that are still accepting applications. According to the National Association for College Admission Counseling's (NACAC) annual College Openings [...]

Seven Tips for Repaying Your Student Loans

by Suada Kolovic

If you're a recent college graduate, chances are you’ll have to start paying off your student loans sooner than you think. And even with the economy in a slump, don’t expect a free pass on not paying your loans. Are you starting to panic? Well, don’t! There’s a ton of advice out there to help students stay on track and courtesy of the U.S. News and World Report, here are seven tips for repaying [...]

Is Harvard Biased Against Asian American Applicants?

by Suada Kolovic

Applying to some of the top universities in the country is undoubtedly unnerving given the quality of the applicants and the impossibly low acceptance rates. But what if because you were an Asian-American student seeking admission, you were held to an even higher standard? Well, that is what a coalition of 64 organizations is claiming. According to the compliant, which was filed [...]

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