Updated: August 7, 2023

Dell Scholarship

dell scholarship

Dare to dream big! As you stand on the threshold of your college journey, a world of opportunities awaits. But the path to higher college education can be filled with hurdles, including steep tuition fees, academic challenges, and life circumstances. Imagine a college scholarship that doesn't just offer a lifeline for financial headaches but also goes beyond, empowering you with a strong support system. We are talking about the Dell Scholarship Program!

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This remarkable initiative is designed to unlock the door to your future academic dreams. As a Dell Scholar, you're more than just a college student—you become part of a thriving community of fellow highly motivated scholars and gain access to additional resources and educational advantages tailored just for you.

From substantial scholarship award money to a laptop, from academic resources to technology resources, the Dell Scholars Program is your comprehensive partner in your academic journey. Let's dive into the details of this life-changing opportunity and understand how it can be your launchpad towards achieving your academic dreams. Get ready to embrace your college degree and immense potential for academic success with this incredible opportunity.

In-Depth Look at the Dell Scholarship Program

As a Dell Scholar, you're brought into an enriching environment complete with individualized support systems and resources. A network of peers, mentors, and Dell Scholars staff become a part of your journey, offering invaluable guidance throughout your college experience.

Dell Scholarship Program Benefits:

  1. A $20,000 scholarship that you can use across a period of 6 years or more. This can cover your undergraduate tuition, graduate school fees, study abroad opportunities, internship stipends, and even your student loan repayments!
  2. Personalized support resources to alleviate the pressure of academic, financial, and emotional stressors, ensuring smooth progress towards graduation.
  3. A Dell laptop with a 4-year warranty to support your academic needs.
  4. Chegg credits worth $500 annually for four years to help with textbook purchases and rentals, and other academic solutions.
  5. Access to the Scholars Resources Network, connecting students and their families to resources like stress management, debt management, childcare, and more.
  6. A teletherapy service to connect students to professional counseling.

The Dell Scholars Program intends to provide a steady stream of support, from winning the scholarship to the day of school graduation. This comprehensive support makes it one of the most life-changing scholarship opportunities available today!


The Dell Scholarship application dates for 2023 haven't been confirmed yet, but judging from previous cycles, the expected timeline is as follows:

Eligibility Requirements

The Dell Scholars Program isn't solely focused on your GPA or standardized test scores. Instead, it emphasizes determination and promise, qualities that may not always be reflected in your academic record. If you're aspiring to become a Dell Scholar, you'll need to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Be a U.S citizen
  2. Participate in a Michael & Susan Dell Foundation approved college readiness program during your junior and senior years in high school
  3. Graduate from an accredited high school in the current year
  4. Have a GPA of 2.4 or higher
  5. Be eligible to receive a Federal Pell Grant in your first year of college
  6. Plan to enroll full-time in a bachelor’s program at an accredited higher education institution in the fall semester after high school graduation

Application Requirements

Before becoming a Dell Scholar, you’ll first need to complete the college application process by filling out the online form which can be found at www.dellscholars.org. Before you complete this, you will have to meet the following requirements:

Tips and Strategies for Winning the Dell Scholarship

Prior preparation is key in winning the Dell Scholarship. Review the frequently asked questions on Dell's website thoroughly to get familiar with the process to identify any additional information you might need to gather. This step will also help you to understand the essay prompts, which is crucial for a successful application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Dell Scholarship Program aid in achieving a college degree?

The Dell Scholarship Program provides significant financial assistance to help scholars afford their college degree. However, it's more than just a monetary grant. The program also offers academic, emotional, and financial support systems, access to educational resources, and a community that understands and assists with life challenges scholars might face. This comprehensive support system aims to aid scholars in overcoming barriers to achieving their college degree and pursuing their dreams.

How can a school counselor help me with the Dell Scholarship Program?

A school counselor plays a pivotal role in the Dell Scholarship Program application process. They can help you understand the program's details, including eligibility criteria, application requirements, and deadlines. Additionally, they can provide recommendations for you during the application steps and can assist in preparing all necessary documentation, like transcripts. They may also guide you in identifying the key strengths and achievements you should highlight in your application.

How does the Dell Scholarship Program support scholars who are facing emotional life challenges?

The Dell Scholarship Program acknowledges that emotional life challenges can significantly impact a scholar's college career. To help with these issues, the program provides a teletherapy service, connecting scholars to professional counseling. Additionally, through the Scholars Resource Network, scholars can access resources to assist with stress management and child care, among other things.

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