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Coca Cola Scholars Program

Championing the cause of youth leadership, the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation is on a mission. Their aspiration is to support high-achieving high school seniors, final year high school students, including home-schooled students, who radiate potential. Enter the Coca-Cola Scholarship Program, an achievement-oriented program for exceptional college students that shines a light on these extraordinary young minds.

FUN FACT: The Coca-Cola Company, founded in 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia is now a global brand that not only provides widely known refreshments but also inspires innovation and funding for education. The company's commitment to building stronger communities finds expression in the Coca-Cola Scholarship Foundation. The Coca-Cola Academic Team ais investing in tomorrow's leaders today, striving to boost the high-quality education opportunities for motivated and ambitious exemplary students.

Coca-Cola Scholars: Tomorrow's Trailblazers

The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation has a proud legacy. They have distributed more than $81 million to aid the education of over 6,750 Coca-Cola Scholars. Every year, the Coca-Cola foundation spots 150 bright high school students and presents them with a generous $20,000 scholarship, a meaningful push to help make their college education dreams come true by providing selected students with money for college.

What sets these Coca-Cola Scholars apart from average school students is their future-focused mindset. These young people are innovators, leaders in the making, passionate about driving meaningful change within their schools and broader communities.

Who's Eligible?

Eager to add your name to the list of distinguished Coca-Cola leaders of tomorrow? This is the checklist that you must have completely checked to be eligible:

The Coca-Cola Scholars Program Scholarship is far more than just a college scholarship. It's a gateway to an elite journey of young leaders poised to make their communities better places.

Visit the official Coca-Cola website to start your application and take the first step towards joining this transformative program built for your success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for the Coca-Cola Scholars Program Scholarship?

To apply for the Coca-Cola Scholars Scholarship program, you need to head over to the official Coca-Cola website which is Do remember to review all the requirements and have all your information ready all necessary documentation before you apply.

What does a school counselor's recommendation entail?

Your school counselor's recommendation forms a crucial part of your application. It should reflect an honest evaluation of your leadership skills, involvement in community activities, and academic accomplishments.

Can home-schooled or private school students apply for the scholarship?

Absolutely! The Coca-Cola Scholars Program Scholarship welcomes applications from all current high school seniors, including those who are home-schooled or attend private schools.

What transpires after I secure the Coca-Cola Scholarship?

As a Coca-Cola Scholar, you join an accomplished network of Coca-Cola leaders. The scholarship amount will bolster your undergraduate studies at an accredited U.S. post-secondary institution.

Can recent high school graduates apply for the scholarship?

Unfortunately, no. The scholarship is exclusively open to current high school seniors expecting to graduate in the current or following academic year.

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Last Reviewed: September 2023