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Funeral Services/Mortuary Scholarships

Scholarship Title Amount Due Date
Alabama Student Grant Program $1,200 Varies
American Board of Funeral Service Education - National Scholarship $2,500 Varies
George and Donna Nigh Public Service Scholarship $1,000 Varies
Iowa Funeral Directors Association (IFDA) Scholarship Fund $1,000 02/28/2021
Jack G. Dodds Scholarship $1,000 02/28/2021
James R. Corson Scholarship $1,000 02/28/2021
Jesse L. Jackson-Fellows Toyota Scholarship $25,000 05/01/2021
Nellie Martin Carman Scholarship Fund $2,000 03/01/2021
Two Ten Higher Education Scholarship $16,000 04/19/2021
Washington HECB American Indian Endowed Scholarship $2,000 02/01/2021
ZONTA Milwaukee Scholarships $1,000 06/15/2021

Academic Major Scholarships