North Carolina Scholarships

Scholarship Title Amount Due Date
A.J. Grisanti Memorial Scholarship Fund $2,500 03/31/2022
African American Network of the Carolinas Varies 03/06/2022
American Dance Festival Internships $2,000 02/07/2022
ANSWER Scholarship Endowment Varies 03/06/2022
Aubrey Lee Brooks Scholarships $12,000 01/31/2022
Balanced Man Scholarship - North Carolina State University Varies 07/05/2022
BECA, Inc. Edna R. Anthony Memorial Scholarship $1,000 03/31/2022
Bridging the Dream Scholarship Program for High School Seniors $10,000 03/08/2022
CALG Scholarship Program $1,000 10/23/2022
Cancer for College Carolinas Scholarship $5,000 01/31/2022
Carolina Panthers Graduate Scholarship $10,000 03/06/2022
Cary Woman’s Club Mature Woman’s Scholarship $1,500 05/01/2022
Cary Woman's Club College Scholarship for High School Seniors $2,500 03/04/2022
Catawba College's McCorkle Scholarships Varies 11/09/2022
CBC Spouses Performing Arts Scholarship $3,000 04/30/2022
CBC Spouses Visual Arts Scholarship $3,000 04/30/2022
Charlotte Pride Scholarships Varies 07/12/2022
Chowan University Merit Scholarships $9,000 Varies
Clarence "Big House" Gaines Reynolda Rotary Scholarship $5,000 04/30/2022
Colonel Frederick W. Best, Jr., USA & Chief Petty Officer Frederick W. Best, Sr., USN Scholarship $2,000 03/15/2022
Couch Oil Cares Scholarship $1,000 05/28/2022
CyberCorps Scholarship for Service Varies Varies
Epilepsy Reach Education Scholarship Program $1,000 06/30/2022
John Duvall Memorial Scholarship $2,500 03/01/2022
JWU Business Professionals of America (BPA) Scholarship $7,500 Varies
JWU DECA Scholarship Varies Varies
JWU Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) Scholarship Varies Varies
JWU Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Scholarship Varies 05/31/2022
JWU International Presidential Scholarship $20,000 Varies
JWU Lodging Management Scholarship $1,000 Varies
JWU National FFA Scholarship $7,500 Varies
JWU ProStart Scholarship $1,000 Varies
JWU SkillsUSA Scholarship Varies Varies
JWU Technology Student Association (TSA) Scholarship $7,500 Varies
JWU Transfer Scholarship $12,000 Varies
KASF Scholarship for Descendants of American Korean War Veterans $5,000 06/08/2022
Korean American Scholarship Foundation-Eastern Regional Chapter Varies 06/30/2022
Lettie Pate Whitehead Scholarship Program Varies Varies
Levine Scholars Program $155,000 10/19/2022
LR Lutheran Scholarships Varies 07/01/2022
LR Scholars Varies Varies
NAAMLP Land Reclamation Scholarship $2,500 05/31/2022
NC State College of Natural Resources Forest Biomaterials Scholarships $11,500 11/01/2022
NC State College of Natural Resources Forestry and Environmental Resources Scholarships $6,000 02/15/2022
NCFRW Caring for America Scholarship Varies 04/15/2022
Norfolk Southern Foundation Scholarship $1,000 12/10/2021
North Carolina Railroad Company Scholarship $1,000 12/10/2021
North Carolina Space Grant Undergraduate Research Scholarship $8,000 03/12/2022
North Carolina Student Incentive Grant $700 03/15/2022
PMI North Carolina Chapter Scholarship $2,500 05/01/2022
Professional Women of Winston-Salem Scholarship Fund $2,000 06/30/2022
Robertson Scholars Leadership Program - High School Students Varies 11/15/2022
Samuel Robinson Award $7,500 Varies
Scholarship Program For a Better Life Varies 09/25/2022
Shelton National Leadership Scholarship $5,000 10/15/2022
Southern Automotive Womens Forum Scholarship $5,000 03/12/2022
Targeting Excellence Scholarships $2,000 04/02/2022
The Charles and Robin Paul Scholarship Award $2,500 05/06/2022
The Frank A. Samuelson Scholarship Award $2,000 05/06/2022
The Luther and Mary Ida Vandross Scholarship $6,000 06/12/2022
The Mary Elizabeth Dodson Conrad Scholarship $2,500 04/15/2022
The Piedmont Institute for Communication, Music and Art: Emerging Writers Competition $5,000 12/01/2022
The Salem Glen College Assistance Program $2,500 04/30/2022
The SigEp Western Carolina University Balanced Man Scholarship Varies 09/13/2022
Thomas J. Watson Fellowship Varies Varies
Tien Bui Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
UNCF General Scholarship $5,000 04/24/2022
Wisconsin Architects Foundation Out-of-State Study Scholarship $1,500 05/15/2022