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Scholarship Providers' Resources

For any part of the process from setting up a scholarship to listing your scholarship on, is happy to assist scholarship providers in reaching the students they want to help obtain money for college. To that end, we’ve prepared the following scholarship provider resources to answer some of the questions that scholarship providers may have about, as well as college scholarships in general.

Set up a scholarship

Money for College

To assist individuals and organizations who are offering a college scholarship for the first time, the three basic questions of who, what, and when can help you create an outline of what your scholarship opportunity will look like. You can further shape your scholarship award criteria and refine the details to establish a scholarship contest that helps the students you seek to assist.

There are many types of scholarships (see our list of scholarships by type to get a sense of a few) and the type of scholarship you award can help you determine the materials you’ll need applicants to submit, as well as the criteria you’ll use for judging. For example, a question you may want to ask is whether you want to create a need-based scholarship, a merit-based scholarship, or some combination of the two. If you’re considering establishing a need-based scholarship, information about federal student financial aid may be useful to give you a better sense of the different definitions “financial need” can have, as well as the other federal grants and student loans students commonly receive to help them pay for college.

You may also want to consider whether your scholarship will require a scholarship essay or any letters of recommendation. If you decide to require these materials, you also will need to determine how to use them. Our student resources section has a wealth of scholarship information for students looking to win awards and write scholarship-worthy essays, and reading these resources may help you form ideas for both what materials to request from your applicants and how to most effectively judge the scholarship applications you receive.

List Your Scholarship on

List Your Scholarship

Once you’ve created your award and established your scholarship application process and application deadline, can help you get the response you desire from your scholarship listing by ensuring your scholarship listing is seen by the students it’s intended for. Our scholarship search's search engine technology utilizes a sophisticated algorithm to present our users with the most relevant search results that match their user profile. As a result, students who meet your given application criteria based on the information they provide us will see your award and - thanks to our search result ranking system - instantly see how closely they match the profile of your ideal applicant.

You can submit a scholarship to by following a few simple steps. Start by providing basic information about the award, who qualifies, your contact information and a scholarship description. To ensure we list only the highest quality scholarship awards, our staff reviews and verifies all scholarship information before it is listed on our site. Once your award is posted, you’ll receive a scholarship ID and a security key, which lets you update your award on our site whenever you need to. Should any questions or problems arise, feel free to contact us for assistance.

Experience the Difference

Experience the Difference is more than just a scholarship search service: We provide students with a variety of resources to help them find colleges, prepare for college, and successfully apply for scholarships. We aim to offer information and insight on the wide range of topics scholarship seekers should consider as they fill out their scholarship applications. offers one of the top scholarship searches on the web, as well as other free resources such as a college search, information and materials for educators, and scholarship and financial aid resources for high school and college students.

Our college search provides students with information on colleges and universities nationwide, allowing students to find schools that meet their criteria and evaluate their prospective schools based on important data like cost of attendance, graduation rates, and even participation in varsity athletics. Educators and students will also find other free informative resources, ranging from standardized test preparation to tips on how to create a successful scholarship application. Take time to explore these free features of our website and see the benefits they can provide to scholarship seekers.

Numerous scholarship seekers and scholarship providers have had positive experiences with and have written to us to let us know. (You can read what they have to say on our testimonials page.) One theme that emerges again and again is that is an effective tool for linking scholarship competitions with deserving students who meet their eligibility criteria.

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