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EnerGIS GIS Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

EnerGIS is offering a 2-year scholarship award for graduate or undergraduate students enrolled in a geo-spatial science program in the Appalachian region, home of EnerGIS Events. Preferences may be given to accredited institutions within the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. The selected candidate shall receive a grant of $3,000 to assist with tuition and educational expenses. This shall be a two-year grant, and upon a maintained QPA of at least a 3.0 a second $3,000 scholarship installment shall be granted, a $6,000 total award! The prospective scholarship winner should have completed their freshman year in college and declared a major within the Surveying / GIS / Geography / Remote Sensing / Cartography or a related Geospatial field. Scholarship applications will close on April 17th.

Candidates must be a citizen or legal resident of the United States and attend an institution of higher education within the Appalachian region or be a resident of the region. The scholarship winner must agree to attend EnerGIS and make a brief presentation to the conference attendees on their geospatial project and / or studies. Any travel or lodging costs shall be paid for by the scholarship winner. Scholarship Search