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Updated: March 2, 2024

Chemical Engineering Scholarships

A degree in chemical engineering is highly valuable and sought-out in today's society, as engineers are vital when it comes to taking raw materials and turning them into viable consumer products. Chemical engineers learn to put chemicals to use - from improving the way that factories use chemicals to create products, to solving issues in rust and pollution. They are able to solve technological problems and create innovations that are crucial to society. There are many fields that one can pursue with chemical engineering - from healthcare to environmental studies, pharmaceutics, math, physics, engineering, biology, and chemistry.

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25 Chemical Engineering Scholarships with Approaching Deadlines

If you're wondering what exactly a chemical engineer does, consider the products you use daily - from hyenic and cosmetic to utility products, much of what we use is produced and engineered by chemical engineers. They are the middle point between the lab and consumer, and are not only responsible for knowing chemistry and chemical principles and properties of products, but they are also involved in making products safe, environmentally-friendly, and cost-effective. With the ever-evolving field, job opportunities are vast across a variety of disciplines. Many chemical engineers go into petroleum and chemical industries, but other popular areas are electronics, food, paper, and pharmaceutics.

If you have an aptitude or strong interest in math andscience - including biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, or engineering, consider chemical engineering a strong option for your degree or area of study. Students who tend to go into the field are strong in those subjects and have strong reasoning, analytical, and leadership qualities. When majoring in chemical engineering, core courses are in the sciences: math, chemistry, kinetics, physics, environmental students, materials science, mechanics, geometry, electronic materials, and computer science. Careers in chemical engineering can have specialties in biochemical engineering, food engineering, petroleum/petrochemical engineering, process control, pharmaceuticals, or production. You may opt to pursue a research-oriented avenue as opposed to one that requires working in teams or group collaboration, which will typically require a higher level of education if you want to teach at the college level or conduct personal research.

Scholarships that are intended for prospective chemical engineers reward some of the most innovative and creative minds, many of which have a high GPA requirement and require an impressive academic record. While colleges and universities with chemical engineering programs will offer scholarships to some of their brightest students, there are organizations that seek to reward promising future engineers - whether it be based on product participation and innovation or extracurricular involvement in chemical engineering-related initiatives. Additionally, due to the scarce female and minority population within the field, there are scholarships that are devoted to rewarding financial aid to outstanding students in the chemical engineering field.

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