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Updated: April 16, 2024

Renewable Scholarships

Looking for long-term and recurrent scholarship funding to help pay your way through college? One way to achieve this is by applying for renewable scholarships. Unlike one-time scholarships, renewable or recurring scholarships dole out money more than once - typically over the course of several years. For example, instead of receiving a singular award worth $5,000, a renewable scholarship winner could get up to $20,000 over four years!

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25 Renewable Scholarships with Approaching Deadlines

Every renewable scholarship has its own rules and guidelines and not all are offered in the same manner. Just as in the case for one-time scholarship awards, you will need to meet the first round of eligibility requirements when initially applying for the renewable scholarship. That means you may need to have a certain GPA, pursue a particular academic major, continue your college education at a particular institution or level, and so forth. A second round of requirements will need to bet met in order to hold on to or re-up a renewable scholarship. The most common requirement is maintaining satisfactory academic performance.

Renewable scholarships are neither guaranteed nor automatic, and certain criteria and standards must be met in order to renew them. All of these requirements and information will be outlined by the scholarship provider when you first apply. Be sure to research the frequency at which the scholarship is offered - is it offered quarterly or annually? Find out if, how, and when you must reapply for the scholarship.

If you are a high school or current college student in more than just a singular scholarship, you may greatly benefit from renewable scholarships, starting with our long list, below.