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Akash and Shai Kuruvilla Memorial Scholarship Fund


June 28, 2020

Awards Available: 2

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  • Scholarship Description
  • The Akash Kuruvilla Memorial Scholarship Fund was formed in the Fall of 2007 to commemorate the life of Akash Jacob Kuruvilla and to continue his legacy of excellence and generosity posthumously. You must submit an essay answering the question, "What does the phrase 'The American Dream' mean to you and how do you embody ‘The American Dream'? For more information or to apply, please visit the scholarship provider's website.
  • Contact
  • Scholarship Committee
  • P.O. Box 140900
  • Gainesville, FL 32614-0900
  • askmsfinfo@gmail.com
  • 509-392-1050

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Sabrina S  on 6/19/2019 6:27:00 AM

I am currently applying for this scholarship because I need financial help for my schooling. I am a rising sophomore at North Carolina A&T State. University as a pre-nursing major. My mother and I had to move to Florida my senior year of high school because we. could not afford it there anymore and she is a single parent overworking herself, doing all she can to make sure I have stability in school. But, I am still short from by several thousands for school. I want to pursue my dreams of becoming a emergency nurse so I can take care of my family. This funding will help me and my mother out so much. Thank you.

HANNAH Z  on 6/11/2019 9:30:37 PM

I would be the first person in my family to enter university, and I would like and need to be a good example for my two little sisters. I also to serve my community the best way I can.

Kent Doel S  on 5/7/2019 11:04:16 AM

This fall will be my first year in college. For all my mom's sacrifices to get us in the U.S to have a better education, it's my time to pay her back. Despite the abundance support of financial Aid, the full year fee of the university I'm attending does not equate that. I will be undergoing an engineering major to be an electrical engineering to finally assist my mom to have a decent life than what we have now. Thank you for providing this opportunity, as I will need all the assistance I can grab to live the American Dream.

Lliimar A  on 2/26/2019 5:37:55 PM

Thank you for the opportunity you give me to start my studies in Anthropology. I decided to apply for this scholarship because I have a perfect example of what is to reach the American dream in my Cuban family. I also have a dream, to become an Anthropology and to discover the history behind the objects, language and culture of old civilizations.

Jose C  on 9/7/2018 10:37:43 AM

Hello my name is Jose. I really need a lot of help so I can go to college. I've work really hard to get what I want but in this case I need help. So please help me out.

Tonya D  on 6/25/2018 11:55:16 PM

I am entering my junior year of Nursing school and found out that I am $8,000 short on tuition for my last three quarters. I am 48 years old trying fulfill my lifelong dream of taking care of others. My completion of nursing school depends on finances. I am saddened to think that I may not ever become a nurse because I can't afford to pay for my last 6 months of school!! Even if I am not the chosen the winner, Iwant thank you for caring enough to help others achieve their goals and dreams!!!

moriah w  on 6/23/2018 2:44:33 PM

help me please

Makayla C  on 6/14/2018 2:04:16 PM

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to go to Cosmetology School. I love making people feel good about themselves and Charles & Sue's Cosmetology School, will provide me the skills I need to do that. Besides FAFSA, I do not have any other financial help, to pay for school. My parents, are not able to help me financially, reach my dreams. I would love the scholarship, to help me pay for school starting in September. This would make my American Dream come true!

amara f  on 6/12/2018 11:14:17 PM

i did apply for this scholarship because i can’t afford the college my family does not have enough to help me for the college and further my education i need money to do my school and to get my degree. I wish to help other peoples and try to give them a good life after i finish my school and get a better job. It would b very helpful for me and family it would be so greatful for having this and i will be thankful for you.!!

Michael W  on 6/12/2018 9:40:46 PM

Thank you for providing an opportunity for others to follow in Jacob's footsteps of Excellency and Generosity. I will apply for this scholarship because I will pay my own tuition for lack of better alternatives.

Ethan S  on 6/9/2018 4:00:12 PM

I am currently in the process of applying for this scholarship because my family doesn't have the money to help me further my education and I need the money to do that. I would like to be able to help others that want to better themselves when I finish my degree. Thank you for the opportunity.

Rhonda R  on 6/3/2018 8:58:03 AM

I applied for this scholarship to help continue your sons' legacy through my own excellence in my education and by being able to make an impact in the medical field for the better of the community in which I live. Thank you for creating a great scholarship

Donte L  on 5/16/2018 4:41:53 PM

I am in the process of applying for this scholarship because I really need the money to help pay my tuition so my parent don't use their retirement money for my education.

Gehan B  on 8/27/2014 8:28:41 PM

This scholarship is very helpful for me.

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